It’s no secret that housing in California can be extremely expensive. The state is America’s most populous, meaning there is high demand for California real estate. Additionally, the state’s climate and numerous attractions cause many people to move to the area every year, adding even more demand for housing.

It’s no surprise that with such high demand, housing prices in California have skyrocketed, leaving many people unable to find affordable housing in the state. So if you’re trying to find affordable housing in the Golden State, where should you turn?

Extensive Searches

If you’re looking for affordable housing in California, then you’re going to need to conduct an extensive search into the state’s housing market. This could entail looking at everything from Mountain View condos to Los Angeles apartments just to ensure that you find the best deals. 

During your search, make sure you leave no stone unturned as you never know where or when you could find the perfect deal. Additionally, make sure that you’re frequently checking listings. Due to high housing demand in California, listings could fly off the market fast, especially if the deal is a good one. 

Subsidized Apartments

If you have a low or moderate income, you may qualify for government programs that can aid in your search for affordable housing. Subsidized housing is usually provided through local or state departments of housing and usually comes in the form of rent assistance or indirect tax breaks.

The aid that subsidized housing provides tenants can go a long way in relieving financial pressure, helping you to be able to afford an apartment.

The money you save on rent or tax breaks can then be used on items such as food or can be saved up, allowing you to put yourself in a much better financial situation. If you’re struggling with income, do your research on subsidized housing in your area and see if you can qualify. 

Public Housing

If you can’t afford your own apartment, you may qualify for public housing. Public housing was created to provide housing to those who can’t afford it, and it is usually owned by the government or some other large entity. Public housing is a great option for those struggling to make ends meet, as you may only end up paying as little as 10% of your monthly income for a quality living space.

Not everyone qualifies for public housing, however, and requirements can be quite strict. If you are truly struggling and have no other options, look into public housing options in your area and see if you can qualify. 

Housing Choice Vouchers

Housing choice vouchers are another federal government program that is designed to assist low-income families with their housing requirements. The vouchers are given locally by public housing agencies and allow a family to find suitable housing of their choice.

As long as the owner agrees to rent under the program and the housing meets standards, then the family can live there. Monthly payments are then issued to the landlord every month, similar to subsidized housing.

Much like other government relief programs, housing choice vouchers require you to qualify and meet criteria, so do your research to see if you are eligible for the program. 

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