Think about all the private parties and functions you have been to over the years. Now think about the ones that really stood out in your mind. Those that typically tend to stand out are the ones that have provided some kind of memorable experience throughout the event. 

Those memorable experiences could be any number of things. It could have been located at a premier location. Perhaps it was the fact that a well-known celebrity showed up at some point during the evening. Or, maybe it was that the event featured an amazing entertainer that really helped set the mood for everyone in attendance. 

If you’re looking to create a memorable experience for your party guests, then you might want to including having a singer to perform throughout the evening. 

But if you’ve never booked a singer or band before, then you might be confused as to where to start the process. That’s why we’re going to provide a few key tips on where to go to find a singer and what to do once you have someone in mind. 

Where do you go to find a singer?

There are many places you can go to find the right singer for your private party. If you’re on a budget or want to keep it local then you should first head to nearby open mic nights, musical showcases, or even karaoke nights to check out the talent in your community. This could prove to be fertile ground if you live in an area that has a healthy and thriving local music scene. 

If you’re interested in going outside of your immediate area then you could do a quick search online for singers and bands that specialize in the sound you’re looking for. There are even websites and apps that allow you to tour their musical and creative databases to find talented entertainers that would be ideal for your private event. For example, if you were looking for soloists or singers for specialty events then you might come across Josh Bolt who could be a musical act worth considering.

How to start the conversation

Once you have someone in mind, then it’s time to initiative the conversation. Introduce yourself and explain what you’re looking for in a performer. The singer might have some questions about the event, which is natural. You should also come prepared with your own set of questions to make sure you are a good fit to work together. 

This conversation should include but is not limited to the following: style of music, length of performance, special requests, needed performance requirements, price of performance, and other important details and requirements. 

Working out the details

It’s important to completely work out the finer details of the performance and the event as a whole. This way you both know exactly what is expected and you can work together to put on a successful event. Remember to give the singer everything they need to be prepared for the event. Then you can focus on everything you need to do on your end.

When it all comes together, you’ll be that much closer to having an event you can be proud of and people will happily share their memorable experience at your private event. 

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