We all know about the international Olympiads that are conducted in many subjects around the world. These Olympiads are conducted all over the world in various countries in order to encourage young students to develop an interest in the academic subjects they study at the school level. These Olympiads are organized by the ISO or the International Science Olympiad, the Olympiads are conducted in various fields such as science, maths, linguistics, general knowledge (G.K.), and more.

The Olympiads provide scholarships to the best performers from various international countries which encourages them to do well in their areas of interest. The Olympiads instil a feeling as well as the practice of competition among young students which also helps them get into the habit of being into healthy competition.

The coveted tests help students to challenge themselves while also allowing them to compare their awareness and insight of a subject and topic to that of their counterparts. One such international Olympiad is conducted in the subject of English language which tests the school students of their linguistic skills in English.

It is conducted for classes as junior as class 5th. The Olympiads are one of the most difficult internationally conducted exams. The students can prepare for the Olympiad and get recognized for their efforts and subject knowledge. There are a number of ways in which a student must prepare for the English Olympiad and score good enough to secure a good rank, the student can follow the below strategy :

  • Know before you start

This step is common for all types of exams and that includes the Olympiads as well. You must know your syllabus before you start your preparation related to the exam. This will help you prepare a good strategy according to your comfort.

This is almost a fact that if you are going to give your exam while you are in class 5th, you must be well versed with the syllabus of your previous classes as it is seen that the Olympiad exam asks a significant amount of questions from the syllabus of previous classes. If you have to get into percentage it is almost as good as 70% from the previously studied syllabus.

  • Improve on your vocabulary

It is obvious that if you are going to give an international level exam called the Olympiad and that too in the English language, you must know and understand the language well. We all know how to go in with the basic conversational skills in English thanks to the education that we get in our country, but when it comes to exams such as the Olympiads you must be well versed with the vocabulary which means the usage and knowledge of many other words of the language.

You must know the way in which you can express a single sentence in multiple ways through the usage of a single word in multiple forms. The best way to do it is to start reading short story books or the children’s sections in the newspapers. You must look for new words in the reading materials and try to use them in various ways.

  • Make English into a habit

We all know that while we study in schools that teach fully in the English mode, we are quite comfortable with English. The students must develop a habit to use English as often as possible, the parents must also take an initiative and have daily conversations in English so that the child can get into the habit of talking in English.

The child must also keep in mind to use words learned on a daily basis as a vocabulary exercise, this way the child can get more comfortable with the grammar and sentence structures of the English language.

  • Practice grammar daily 

You must very intelligently design the schedule for the child to enable the child to do the required daily grammar practice. Grammar is something that requires continuous and dedicated practice and the student must also practice grammar every day without fail to ensure good command of the English language.

When you are comfortable with the grammar, you will develop a better understanding of the language and this will also help you with directly asked grammar exercises in the Olympiad exam.

  • Have a good hold on tenses

The students tend to get well versed with all the aspects of English language and grammar but the only weak point that many students have is with the tenses.

The students face problems with the inter-conversion of tenses and their usage. In order to polish up your knowledge of tenses, you must practice inter-conversion of tenses through various sentences. You can use various online exercises that are available for free to practice tenses.

  • Practice through Olympiad sample papers

It is a well-known fact that when it comes to any kind of competitive exam which includes the Olympiads, the questions asked in that particular exam have a great influence on what has already been asked in these exams previously.

The aspiring candidates must practice for the English Olympiad exam through the sample papers available online on various sources. You must also analyze the types of questions and practice keeping in mind all the important concepts related to the exam. You can check out IEO English Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper Class 5 2013 here.

  • Develop reading skills

You must develop a habit of reading and along with reading, you must also learn to analyze the text you are reading. The reading habit will not only help in vocabulary and skills such as spelling and grammar but will also brush up your skills to score well incomprehension.

  • Choose a study corner

 Studying for Olympiads necessitates a significant amount of practice that can only be obtained through undisturbed study time. In conclusion, choose a suitable location for your study to avoid distractions. Choose a quiet, peaceful location where you can work on grammar exercises without being distracted.

Therefore, we can say that if students employ the right strategy they can get through with IEO for English in class 5.

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