Choosing the right pool table size for your Sydney home is essential to creating the perfect entertainment space. Whether you’re a seasoned player or looking to add a fun element to your home, selecting the right-sized piece can enhance your playing experience while ensuring it fits comfortably in your available space. This article will help you navigate these considerations, focusing on getting the right size for a pool table in Sydney as per the room dimensions and local insights.

Learn about Table Sizes

These pool tables come in a variety of sizes, with the most common being 7-foot, 8-foot, and 9-foot lengths. Your size should be based on your skill level, the type of games you prefer, and the space you have available. For competitive players or those looking to mimic tournament play, a 9-foot one is ideal. However, in Sydney homes where space can be a premium, 7-foot or 8-foot ones are often more practical and still provide a great playing experience.

Room Size Considerations

Generally, there should be at least 1.5 metres of clear space around the table. This ensures players have enough room to cue comfortably without hitting walls or furniture. In Sydney, where many homes feature open-plan living areas or outdoor entertainment spaces, these areas can offer the flexible space needed for placing them.

Specifics for Sydney Homes

Sydney’s diverse architecture, from sprawling suburban houses to compact inner-city apartments, means that the choice of size can vary significantly. For larger homes in the suburbs, such as those in the Hills District or Northern Beaches, a 9-foot one might easily fit. In contrast, city apartments or smaller terraced houses in areas like Surry Hills or Newtown might only accommodate a 7-foot one.

Suburban Spaces: Hills District and Northern Beaches

In the expansive suburban areas of the Hills District and Northern Beaches, homeowners often enjoy the luxury of larger living spaces. These areas are characterised by their spacious homes with ample room for entertainment. A 9-foot pool table could be comfortably accommodated in many homes here, allowing for a professional playing experience.

Urban Living: Surry Hills and Newtown

Surry Hills and Newtown’s vibrant and densely populated areas feature more compact living spaces, typical of inner-city living. A 7-foot pool table might be more appropriate, fitting snugly into smaller rooms or shared spaces. These areas are known for their eclectic mix of cafes, bars, and vintage shops, reflecting a more bohemian lifestyle.

Coastal Vibes: Bondi and Coogee

For homes in the coastal areas of Bondi and Coogee, the aesthetic of the pool table can be as important as its size. Lighter wood finishes or modern designs that reflect these neighbourhoods’ laid-back, beachy vibe can complement the overall decor. Space might also be at a premium in these locations, so considering a convertible piece that can double as a dining table could be a smart choice.

Heritage Homes: The Rocks and Paddington

In historic areas like The Rocks and Paddington, where homes may feature unique architectural elements and heritage-listed features, choosing a pool table that aligns with the home’s character is vital. Traditional, ornate pool ones with rich wood finishes can add to the aesthetic of these homes without clashing with their historical essence. Space may vary widely in these areas, from spacious terraces to more intimate cottages, so custom sizes may be considered to ensure the perfect fit.


Choosing the right size pool table in Sydney for your home requires a nuanced understanding of the game and your local area’s unique characteristics. Whether you’re nestled in a spacious suburban house, a cosy apartment in the heart of the city, by the sandy shores of Sydney’s famous beaches, or in a historic home with many characters, there’s a pool table size and style to fit your needs.

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