The advertising and marketing industry has witnessed many tech-savvy evolutions in recent years. Personalised videos are the latest addition to the marketing content. Be it email marketing, social media marketing, or eCommerce listings, personalised videos have become a powerful tool in marketing.

Using video in sales helps boost sales and marketing campaigns to a large extent. The customers feel a personal touch attached to the advertised or sold product or service.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to boost sales with personalised videos, then this article will help you find them.

What is Personalised Video Marketing?

Personalised video is a powerful marketing strategy used by marketers worldwide to boost their sales through customised videos. This can be achieved by adding personal elements in the video campaign such as the viewer’s name, email, job title, company name, etc.

Brands using video in sales notice higher benefits and sales revenues than those who don’t use them. One of the many reasons for this can be that videos are much more entertaining than reading long-form text.

They are short, fun, and engaging and can quickly grab the viewer’s attention. Using exciting thumbnails is one way in which marketers like grabbing the attention of their clients.

Your brand also gets to connect individually with your customers by using videos for sales. Marketing experts have proven personalised communication to be much more effective over the years than textual marketing.

Benefits of Personalised Marketing

Using visuals as a marketing tool has always been powerful. Marketing works on the principles of the customer’s emotions. The more personal a product or service feels, the higher the conversion rates.

For marketers, it’s difficult to brainstorm and come up with campaigns that keep the customers engaged, work effectively, help generate revenues, or achieve marketing goals.

There are many benefits of using personalised video marketing as a tool to boost your brand’s sales. Take a look at some of them.

Higher Email Open Rates

Using videos in email marketing attracts the customer’s eyes immediately. The email open rate effectively gets higher when you use a relevant and personalised video.

Keep in mind that the video needs to be relevant to the product or service being advertised by your brand.

Higher Click-through Rates

Using a video in long texts or tutorials keeps the customer engaged and attracted to your product. Be it a blog, article, or social media ad campaign, videos help in generating massive click-through rates.

This eventually leads to higher conversion and sales rates and higher revenue generation of your brand.

Higher Engagement

Have you noticed how a short video quickly gains engagement within such a short period? These can be excellently used in social media marketing, which suits the audience’s attention span and efficiently markets your product.

Much of the video’s engagement depends on its thumbnail. So ensure that your thumbnail is attractive enough to appeal to your audience.

Builds Better Relationships

A customised video speaks volumes about your brand and how effective the services are. Using videos in your marketing campaign helps you build better and more personal relationships with your clients or customers.

Customers crave personalised experiences. If you give your customers what they need, you can gain their trust and admiration. This will automatically lead to improved sales.

Wrapping Up

Using customised videos is a great marketing tactic to build better relationships with your clients and help them feel seen and heard. If you plan to use personalised videos for your marketing campaigns, make sure that you add elements that genuinely appeal to your audience and grab their attention.

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