Kenya is on the bucket list of most travellers. It has excellent weather during winter, thanks to its location on the equator. It also has many places that tourists can enjoy, including the beaches, grasslands, and lakes in the Rift Valley. A holiday home is a great place to stay, and there are many housing options in Nairobi. It is a central location in the country with excellent transportation infrastructure accessing key tourist areas, so it is a perfect area to live in. You can use the Standard Gauge Railway train to reach Mombasa within five hours.

A holiday home is an even better idea for when you are travelling as a group. You can save on costs, especially if you arrange to have a chef prepare your meals. You can then eat out during your trips, which means you will spend less on paying for outside catering.

1. Try different options

You might feel like an application such as Airbnb is the right choice as you book a holiday house. Granted, there are many vacation rentals in Nairobi listed on the site. You can explore all your options and see what the homes offer. You get to see your potential costs, and you can find houses to accommodate as many as ten people at a time.

2. Use alternative platforms

A great alternative is to check other platforms, especially Maps and social media pages. Doing this is advisable, considering that a site like Google Maps contains many reviews about every physical business listed here. You can review what previous customers have had to say about their experiences and decide whether to book the house.

3. Make direct contact

Find a contact phone number for the host you plan on working with; this can help in many ways. For instance, it will allow you to receive timely communication on any arrangements you make, especially at the last minute. It also means you can contact your host in case of any abrupt changes to your travel plans. Hosts who are accessible also tend to be more legitimate than those who are hard to reach.

4. Use real estate websites.

As you make travel arrangements, do not forget to explore all your options. Website searches are an excellent way for visitors to find a home for rent, mainly because it is fast. You can also look at houses from anywhere in the world, especially if you are in another country. Remember to look at everything on offer, and do not settle until you find a house that meets all your needs.

5. Try an apartment hotel.

As you look through housing options, do not forget about hotels. Traditionally, people staying in hotels for their holidays tend to book rooms or hotel suites. However, Nairobi has seen a rise in the popularity of apartment hotels. These are establishments with apartments built within a hotel facility. That means you can access a restaurant and do not need to prepare your meals. You also have daily cleaning services and a team to help you with any needs during your stay.

6. Make secure payments

As you book your holiday home, take adequate measures to secure your financial information. Make payments to verified sites and use a safe method to avoid incidents of identity theft. Work with hosts who provide refunds in case anything changes.

Booking a holiday home in Kenya may be challenging, especially for foreigners. It might require a lot of searching, especially during peak seasons. You will also need to communicate with the host about the amenities and the best payment method. Use these pointers to make the right decisions.

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