Businesses typically provide their team members with a best-in-class customer experiences – yet only have access to the experiences of those customers who call in, visit a physical location, or write an online review. Their customers’ journey often begins on a disconnected and disorganized platform due to disparate data sources used by internal departments across the organization.

A customer’s experience helps make or break a sale in this day and age, thanks partly to social media and technology. Businesses with customer satisfaction rates below the industry average are less likely to succeed than their competitors.

Field service businesses are an essential part of how modern businesses operate. These businesses are the backbone of many industries, from on-site IT support for office equipment to home appliance repair.

The best field service businesses do more than just meet customer expectations; they exceed them by providing exceptional service and support. Here are some strategies to improve customer experiences and increase customer satisfaction.

Third-Party Integrations, Such as QuickBooks and HubSpot

Field service technicians often work with multiple tools at once, including customer management systems like Zuper, accounting software, and CRM platforms. But if technicians are using separate tools that need to integrate better, it’s easy for them to lose track of information or make mistakes when entering data. Minimize this problem by integrating techs’ tools so they see the same information in real-time. For example, use an integration platform like QuickBooks with HubSpot so that when a technician enters data into one system, it automatically appears in the other. This means they will only have to spend time entering information once or worry about making mistakes when entering data because both systems will be always up to date.

Field Service Technicians: Unleash Their Potential

Today, everyone has access to mobile devices and software that makes them mobile workers — even field service technicians. But many field service businesses still rely on paper-based processes for managing data, which creates inefficiencies and reduces productivity for employees who spend time manually entering data into spreadsheets or other systems. This lack of efficiency also slows down how quickly technicians can respond to customer issues when they arise.

Streamline the Customer Data Management Process

Customer service software allows the collecting of customer information from multiple sources, including email, social media, and phone calls. Store this information in one place to be accessible whenever needed. This helps eliminate duplicated efforts when contacting a customer about an issue or question — via email or phone call or through social media channels such as Twitter or Facebook Messenger.

Utilize Automated Alerts to Stay in Touch with Customers

Zuper’s automated alerts allow field technicians to stay in touch with customers without relying on manual processes or phone calls. This helps keep customers up to date on their status and allows them to track down issues before they become serious problems. With automated alerts, field technicians can also ensure that they have all the information they need before arriving onsite, so they can get started immediately.

With Reporting and Analytics, Maximize the Quality-of-Service Delivery

Reporting allows tracking of how well employees are performing on each job, and it also helps identify areas where processes need improvement, or additional training might be necessary. This insight gives a clear picture of where the business stands — now and in the future — so management can make intelligent decisions about where to invest resources.

Zuper Helps Improve Customer Service for FSM Businesses

Zuper makes it easy to manage all field service employees’ activities and communications in one place. It also helps boost customer experiences and satisfaction by providing real-time updates on repair time, status, and so much more. If you’re interested in testing our their FSM tools, you can get a free 14-day trial as soon as you’re ready.

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