As we know the fame and money are two thing everyone want but only a few people can get them because it requires quite a hard work. Some people spend their whole life to achieve that but there are some exceptions where they can have fame, money and a luxury life right from their birth. Yes, we are talking about celebrity’s child.

In this article we are going to talk about a star child “Henrietta Borstein Douglas”. She is a nine-year-old girl born on 1st Oct 2012.  she is celebrity daughter of Jackson Douglas and Alex Borstein. She is one of the star children given money and fame on silver spoon by her parents.

Currently, she has so many fans following on her accounts than a normal one. paparazzi are always following her to catch a glimpse. This is one of the reasons; her parents have become more protective about their daughter’s private life.

Family background

Jackson Douglas

Henrietta’s father is Jackson Douglas who is a very talented producer and actor. Jackson gained his fame by working in series Gilmore Girls as guest performer.

While studying at ACME comedy theatre, he met with his better-half. Jackson has worked on many animated movies as a voice actor with his wife Alex Borstein.

He also worked on family guy for many episodes as Seth McFarlane’s along his wife Alex as Lois Griffin’s, who was acted as regular employ. For many comedies show he also work as producer. After drifting apart they shared all their earnings which they have earn during the year together.

Alex Borstein

Henrietta’s mother is Alexandrea Borstein who is well-known American artist. She is a multi-talented woman as she is an actress, artist, writer, producer and a comedian. Alexandria has gained her fame as she starts working on a tv series Family Guy by giving her voice for a well-known character Lois Griffin’s in the show for years since 1999. She has even won an Emmy Award for portraying her character very beautifully in the series.

She gained huge popularity by starring in the comedy-series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel as Susie Myerson for which has awarded two primetime Awards. She married Jackson Douglas in 1999 and blessed with 2 children, a beautiful daughter Henrietta Burstin Douglas and son Barnaby Burstin Douglas. She has won many Award for Best Actor in a Comedy Series, among others.


Henrietta is celebrity daughter of Jackson Douglas and Alex Borstein. Despite having her parents’ divorce at her young age, she is loved by both her parents very much. As she opened her eyes in flashes of camera her parents become very protective toward her as they want to keep her life private as much as they can. She also has a great beautiful bond with her grandparents, Irv Borstein and Judy Borstein.

She is very fond of her uncle Adam Borstein, as she spends a healthy amount of time with him. She is also blessed with a brother Barnaby Borstein Douglas. She also loves him very much. Their beautiful bond could be seen on social media captured by paparazzi.


Henrietta is very cute and beautiful girl. She was born on October 1, 2012. As her zodiac sign is Libra. Her personality match with her zodiac sign. According to her sign, she would be quite sociable. She would also be honest and fascinating intelligent.

She would be highly balanced which she is, despite her parents’ divorce and media, she has lovely relation with her family and she is quite intelligent for her age. Because her parents are celebrities, she is quite social as she has more fan following her on social.


Being a star child has its pros and cons where there is fame there is also no privacy. One’s life is always in flashes of paparazzi camera. But her parents are quite strict about her personal life. So, there are no record of her school.

Net worth

as she is just 9-year-old So, his net worth can’t be estimated yet. Her mother’s net worth is 24$ Million. As for her father’s net worth is 2$ Million. As their career grow, their net worth also going to increase.

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