Hala Al Shalaqani has been an example to women. This is because of her being supportive of Adel Imam. Thus, making us cautious when choosing a partner. So, as you think of marriage, you should always be ready to face all the challenges together. This is because marriage is not an easy path, and that’s why most people leave before reaching their destination.

Hala said yes, I do, and her action is seen when she stands by her husband, Adel Imam, during his trial moment. She had the right to leave but chose to stay and be the backbone for each other. We will learn more about Hala in the article.

Personal information of Hala Al Shalaqani

Name: Hala Al Shalaqani
Place of birth: Kafr El-Shaikh, Egypt
Spouse: Adel Imam
Children: Sarah Emam, Mohammed Imam, Rami Imam
Daughter-in-law: Nuraan Talaat
Grandchildren: Khadija Imam, Kismat Imam, Ezzidine Imam
Occupation:  wife of an actor and comedian Adel Imam
Sister–in–law: Iman Imam
Brothers: Mustafa Metwalli
Brother-in-law: Esam Imam
Nephews: Omar Mustafa Metwalli, Adel Mustafa Metwalli, Esam Mustafa Metwalli

Marriage of Hala Al Shalaqani

Before Hala could get married to her husband, they suffered opposition from her parents. The good thing is her husband was firm on his decision despite the rejection.

He continued his acting career as he pursued Hala. Later the parents agreed, and they got married.

After marriage, her husband requested her to take time before having children.

The couples are parents to one daughter, Sarah Emam and two sons, Mohammed Imam, and Rami Imam.

Did you know Hala Al Shalaqani is an-in-law to her husband?

Hala is married to Adel Imam, while her brother, Mustafa Metwalli, is married to Iman Imam. They have done ‘Barter exchange’. It’s an exciting love story indeed.

Hala Al Shalaqani Husband

Hala’s husband, Adel Imam\Emam, is an Egyptian actor and comedian. He has appeared in more than103 movies and about ten plays. Adel Imam was born on 17th May 1940 in Mansoura, Egypt. Currently, he is 81 years old.

He attended Cairo University, where he earned a degree in agriculture before diving into the entertainment industry. In 2000, Adel was selected as a Goodwill Ambassador by the United Nations.

Adel is an iconic figure in the entertainment industry due to his comedy and acting profession. Even today, he is still in the industry.

He has won many awards during his career, which makes him a role model to many who aspire to be significant and renowned figures in the industry.

How did Hala al Shalaqani meet with her husband?

While Adel Imam was visiting his friend Samir’s house, Khafaga, he happened to see a lady from the neighbourhood and remained silent. Since everyone was opposing being with her, Adel gave his shoot but was rejected by the parents.

Adel never gave up, even after being rejected. He remained positive and continued trying. This showed if there is a will, everything is possible.

All we know is that they are married after all the challenges.


Hala had shown her support to Adel’s husband even when he was convicted because of using the Islam teaching the wrong way. Adel later appealed the case and won.

We should always support our partners in all situations.

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