Gone is a police- thriller crime drama series that first came out on 13th November 2017. Season one comprises twelve episodes. It does seem a little slow in the beginning. But by the time you make it to a couple of episodes, you are wowed! One of the most interesting things about Gone is that it is an internationally co-produced series, which is why it is available in different languages across different countries.

People have shown great love and appreciation for this show and cannot wait for the next season. Gone is created by Matt Lopez and produced by NBC Universal International Studies. Due to the international collaboration, Gone was first released in France, on 13th November 2017. Later it was introduced in Australia, Germany, UK, and finally American. In the USA, Gone was made available in early 2019.

With the end of season 1, people have started having expectations for a great succeeding season. Fans desire to know more about Kit Lannigan and go on adventures with her. This is an article dealing with all possible questions related to Gone Season 2.

Gone Season 2

Gone Season 2

Gone is based on a fantastic novel by Chelsea Cain- ‘One Kick’. Season 1 revolves around the developing story of Kit ‘Kick’ Lannigan. When she was young, she was involved in child abduction. Fortunately, she was saved by an FBI agent- Agent Frank Novak. Gone fans can expect something more in season 2. Being a crime police-thriller, there is expected to be a lot of mystery. Gone Season 1 portrayed the relationship which Kit Lannigan had with her adoptive father. Season 2 might be based on similar grounds.

Gone Season 2: Plot

Kathrine Lannigan is the main character of this show. She is a child abduction survivor and has now joined the FBI for solving missing person cases. Her primary focus is on children. Gone goes on to portray Kathrine as a protector figure who does not want children to feel the way she did.

Fans can expect Gone season 2 to explore similar plots. Agent Frank Novak, her father, puts in a lot of effort in training Kathrine. Through the intense training and martial arts, Frank desires to make her tough- tough enough to face every situation. It is Frank who teaches her how to use firearms and persuades her to join the FBI. Season 1 disclosed a lot about this father-daughter relationship. Season 2 can do the same.

There has been no official announcement regarding season 2. People don’t know if there will be a season 2 or not. Even the cast members have refused to disclose anything. But fans, be optimistic!

Gone Season 2: Cast

The main characters of Gone are Leven Rambin, Chris Noth, Danny Pino, Andy Mientus, and Tracie Thoms.

  • Leven Rambin as Kit ‘Kick’ Lannigan– Leven Rambin plays the role of a former victim of child abduction. She spends almost five years in the custody of her abductors before the FBI finds her. Agent Frank Novak adopts her and gives her a new life. Having a tough background, Kat finds it tough to focus on anything in life. Frank encourages her to let out her feelings in a physical manner. He introduces her to martial arts and gives her self defense training. Over time she earns her nickname ‘Kick’.

Leven Rambin is an American Actress who is well known for her performance in All My Children. She has occurred in many episodes of Grey’s Anatomy as well. Her film career consists of ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters’

  • Chris Noth as Agent Frank Novak– Chris Noth plays the role of an FBI agent. He saves Kathrine from her abductors and returns her to her family. But even after that, he maintains a strong relationship with her. He happens to be the one who recruits her to the FBI. Since he had such an influence in her life, Katherine starts referring to Frank as her father.

Chris Noth is an American actor who is known for his legendary performance in Law & Order and Sex and the city.

  • Danny Pino as John Bishop– Danny Pino plays the role of former military personnel. He is the new FBI Agent who will be working with Agent Frank Novak. In later episodes, it is revealed that John was a significant part of the first case that Frank ever worked on.

Daniel Pino is an American actor who has played Detective Scotty Valens in the ‘Cold Case’. He has also played Nick Amaro in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

  • Andy Mientus as James Finley– Just like Kat Lannigan, James Finley is a former abduction victim. James is a genius computer hacker who soon joins the task force. He is homosexual, and this has resulted in a lot of problems in his life. It made him abandon his family, as well. But they were later reunited.

Andy Mientus is an American actor, singer, composer, and writer. He was a part of the Broadway musicals- Spring Awakening, Les Miserables and Wicked.

  • Tracie Thoms as Maya Kennedy– Maya is a colleague of Agent Frank Novak. She is an original member of the task force and helps Frank with the process of recruitment.

Tracie Nicole Thoms is an American actress who is known for her consistent television and film presence. She is famous for her performance Rent, Cold Case, The Devil Wears Prada, and Death Proof.

Gone Season 2: Crew

Gone was created by Matt Lopez. The series is directed by multiple directors- Thomas Carter, John Gray, John Terlesky, John Scott, and Brad Turner.

Gone Season 2: Release Date

There have been no announcements regarding the release of Gone Season 2. Gone season 1 came out in 2017. And it has been a long since any news regarding season 2 has been released. If work was in progress regarding season 2, the COVID-19 pandemic must have put everything on pause. Fans can only wait for any official announcements.

Gone Season 2: Latest Updates

There is no news regarding Gone season 2. The creators have not revealed any details regarding the works of Gone season 2. Even the cast and crew are silent on this.

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