What can a business do to get ahead online?

Well, it can claim its Google My Business page, for one thing. A Google My Business page can become your brand’s home on Google, and brings along many benefits.

Here are ten benefits of Google My Business for your brand.

Claim Your Brand

When you create a Google My Business page, you’re staking your claim to your brand. That gives you more control over how your brand appears online, which is a vital part of modern business.

Integrate with Maps

One of the biggest and most visible benefits of Google My Business is its integration with Google Maps. When people search for services in your local area, they’ll see your business right there on the map, all but waving at them.

That’s almost guaranteed to bring more traffic to your door, making it far easier to expand your audience.

Improve Your SEO

SEO is all the complex stuff that goes on behind the scenes to decide where sites rank in Google’s search. Unsurprisingly, businesses with My Business pages rank higher in Google searches, so simply claiming your My Business page can make a big difference, even if you change nothing else about your company’s page.

Enjoy Visibility

A brand needs eyeballs, or it’s nothing more than a name. With the above benefits combined, your brand will gather many more eyeballs, which will boost its overall value.

Enjoy Increased Traffic

With all this increase in visibility comes a commensurate increase in traffic. For most businesses, more traffic equals more customers, so there’s an obvious equation in there that will benefit you.

Gather Reviews

Let’s say you’re gathering reviews for your glass business. By claiming your My Business page, you can collect and display your Google My Business reviews right there on your world-facing page.

With 93 percent of people saying they use online reviews before spending money with a business, it makes sense to put them front and center.

Access Insights

My Business comes packaged with a variety of excellent tools that can give you insights into your business performance. You can glimpse how people arrive at your page, what they do there, and what keywords they’re searching for. These can all help you to tailor future projects to boost your visibility.

Keep Your Customers Informed

One excellent feature of My Business is the option to include your usual opening hours and any other advisories that will help customers keep track of when to visit you. You can even change these as your business conditions evolve.

Outpace Your Competition

It’s a cut-throat world out there. Any time you can get an advantage over your competitors, you should take it. In this case, claiming your My Business page will give you a leg up on your competitors and could be just the edge you need to corner your niche.

All for Free

All the best things in life are free, and Google My Business gives you a lot of benefits for a grand total of zero dollars. Even if My Business did have a cost, your potential for increased profits could well cover it—so as a free service, it’s a steal.

The Many Benefits of Google My Business

As you can see, the benefits of Google My Business are almost endless, and all come without any associated cost. So signing your business up for the service is a true no-brainer.

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