There aren’t many enjoyable aspects of going to a funeral.

If you know someone that’s just passed away, attending their funeral is a courtesy to the deceased, as well as their family and friends. When you’re particularly close to the person, it can be an extremely trying experience, but one you need to go through to start on the path to grieving.

One of the things you have to think about when preparing for a funeral is what you’ll wear. Not everyone knows what to wear and what not to wear at a funeral, so we’re going to give you a quick rundown today.

Read on and your outfit will be at least one thing you won’t have to stress about before attending this funeral.

Think About Cultural Customs

Proper funeral attire differs depending on the religion or culture that the deceased person was a part of. Most people assume that you should wear black to a funeral, but this is mostly a Western norm. Different parts of the world celebrate the lives of people in different ways, and you should do your due diligence beforehand so that you can respect that.

Think About the Person

Another thing to consider is who the person was that passed away. Your funeral fashion should be an homage to what they were like or how they themselves would have dressed in a similar situation.

You don’t want to make any assumptions here either. If there’s an obituary that you can read, it may give some clues as to what the funeral attire should be.

Think About the Weather

The weather can help you dictate what type of outfit to wear. If it’s a winter funeral, then you’ll want to wear pants or a longer skirt with a jacket. Summertime funerals make it easier to plan for the weather, but there are some hard and fast rules that you should stick to, which we’ll discuss next.

What Not to Wear at a Funeral

Basically, outfits for funerals should never stand out in any way. If the funeral is a colorful one, then you don’t necessarily want to be the only one showing up wearing the usual black. There should be some indication of what to wear from the family or obituary if you’re to wear something more colorful.

As we said earlier, at most funerals in the west, people are going to be wearing black formal attire. You don’t have to wear black, but definitely choose darker neutral colors if you decide on something else.

Keep accessories to a minimum and never wear anything too revealing, so as to draw attention to yourself. A funeral is a somber celebration of someone’s life, not a reason to get dressed up.

Make Sure You’ve Got the Proper Funeral Attire

Now that you know what not to wear at a funeral, you’ll be prepared to show up and celebrate your acquaintance’s life in a respectful way. No one wants to go shopping for funeral clothes, but if you’re lacking black formal wear, you might want to stock your closet up for every season so you’re always prepared.

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