Fancy-looking ideas have real-world benefits. And you know what the fun fact about them is? They are not that fancy or something not ordinary. They are just as normal as the needs of human beings.

Yes, we are talking about spending recreational time with your children. Now, if you are thinking it is quite normal and you know the benefits, look at your life and tell yourself, how many times did you go out for a picnic or a trip with your kids in the last year or past six months?

It makes perfect sense that today’s life is giving less time to breathe freely. Day in and day out, we are trying our best to get our life together. But it has turned out that the material we are running after so vehemently does not give the peace and satisfaction to heart that the quality time spent with your loved ones or close to nature does. Likewise, in a child’s life, such trips and activities play a major role.

Particularly, the parents looking for some alternative habits to mobile phone usage, this is going to be a great read. Take away your children from the life of gadgets and tools and tell them how fun some other things can be. Use smart ways to monitor their habits. We will discuss in the last part of the article what can be the best parental control app for iPhone and Android that can help you manage your life for amazing growth.

Anyways, here is what your child gets when you have a fun time like recreational trips with them.


When your kids go on trips with you, they can explore, have fun, and enjoy their best, all remaining within the safe zone. They are in front of your eyes and you guide them when they see new things, get excited about some scene, or anything.

It builds positive behaviors and keeps them away from a toxic company that they might want to go out with. Because now, they do not need someone else to go places and have fun. Studies have proved that children who spend quality time with parents are less likely to indulge in deviant behaviors like drugs etc. It leads to the formation of empathetic behaviors and creative personalities.


What a child needs the most to have a sense of belongingness and identity is to feel connected to family. Going out for picnics or road trips means you care for their entertainment and happiness. And believe me, a child always feels it. This gives them a better sense of being associated with a family and being loved. They, in turn, spread love, and are better at socializing with others.


Knowing about things and experiencing them in the physical world are two very different things. Just don’t tell your kids clouds to exist like this. Take them on a trip, let them look at them floating over the sky while feeling the breeze crossing them, let them touch flowers and smell them with their hands. This improves their imagination and perceived power. Also, when they are involved in activities like playing and running, it improves their physical skills like running, using hands smartly, flexibility in muscles, etc.


Just knowing the fact that they are safe and can explore the world having loved ones at the back, takes a child’s self-esteem to heights. They become more intelligent emotionally and mentally. Moreover, they dare to take better steps and decisions as they have a belief in themselves. So, taking them on short trips can make them happy and productive personalities.


When you are replacing the time that they would have spent on screens, using the internet, playing games, or using social media with a trip, you are doing a great benefit. First, you are telling them that there are other ways of having fun, so they will reduce their habits of spending all day on their phones. Second, you are saving them from the harms of excessive screen time.

Today’s generation is still resistant to understanding the benefits organic things provide them. Their activities online are doing irreparable damage to their mental and physical health, cognitive and motor skills, and much more. You can use FamilyTime parental control app for iPhone and Android. You can limit their screen time and monitor their internet activities. Check out their website for more details. Or you can also download it from Play Store or App Store.

Have fun with your kids!

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