Final mains exam or IBPS clerk has been conducted on 28th February 2021 and every applicant has some questions and thoughts to discuss about how this all went. Difficulty level of IBPS clerk exam is considered moderate by majority of applicants.

Not everything is memorizing questions and answers but rather than the use of procedure to justify your learnings. Here are a few things that if you followed while attempting IBPS clerk exams then you are going to see positive IBPS clerk results. Let’s break down exam observations and understand if you did good.

Time Management Was Important

If you look at the exam paper closely, it really demands time in detail to first understand then attempt. Applicants who practiced questionnaires with adaptability to use smart thinking skills have better chances to qualify for the screening process.

Not every question demanded an equal amount of time but it was smart thinking skills that would have helped applicants to decide the importance of a chapter divided by their strong and weak points. Dividing the exam paper in basic, intermediate and expert level was a key act to manage time and attempt all questions thoroughly.

Concentration extends time within the time limit and improves your ability to tackle cognitive challenges. Moving from one question to another is not easy, when you are skeptic about your question attempt, while applying for next, you will think about the previous one.

Enhancing your time management skills and firm approach can only eliminate time waste else even if you think that you can attempt all but in then you will get anxious and in hurriedness either you will leave questions unanswered or you will give wrong answers. So, candidates who followed the time management routine are going to have positive news soon.

A Good Mixture Of Questions

It won’t be wrong to say IBPS examination papers to many applicants by surprise. A worthy question paper though as it was guessed that exam syllabus will be different by some means. An all around detailed attention over every possible subject has helped many candidates to stand out in this exam.

Some of the recent events that you didn’t get to read in books went to disturb you in the exam hall. Applicants who enjoyed the daily readings of national and international events, and took memorising notes on the importance of the subject, have better success rate in IBPS clerk exam.

General awareness/financial awareness and general English is more of habitual and practical subject rather than hardcore memorizing. The term awareness suggests that you have to mark your presence with adaptability to react daily general information around you.

Reasoning ability and computer aptitude, quantitative aptitude requires intermediate understanding of the subject theoretically that can be implied practically. This kind of mixture with recently added world info becomes a blueprint of the actual exam. Candidates who understand the nature of the exam pattern have an edge over other candidates.

Critical Thinking Was Beneficial

Nothing benefits like critical thinking in any government exam because every multiple choice question demands immediate successful action and critical thinking is what you can use to maximize the positive outcome in minimum required time.

Every question has a structural basis of understanding first then attempting and there are different chapters in a single examination paper, there is no way you can move on singular notion and mindset. You have to act according to the question series and memorizing skills and critical thinking makes it better. Mostly general awareness/financial awareness demands critical thinking skills because not only you have to memorize but also you have to anticipate when the test comes in front of you.

Your result depends on the effort you put in studying and getting familiar with the nature of the exam. From initial preparation days to exam hall attitude, your critical thinking can solve most of the unbounded problems.

IBPS clerk exam pattern demands critical thinking skills because of its nature and memorizing will never be enough because this written exam also evaluates your adaptability to practical proposals.

If you really followed these skills while preparing for your exams then this could be your job because after analyzing the IBPS clerk exam paper, it is clear that you need more than memorizing ability.

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