During their early years, children are bubbling with energy. Their young minds can take over the world, but only if engaged adequately. Early Child Education plays a crucial role in defining a child’s future. However, not everything should be school and studies.

Bentleigh is a lively community with more than a few extra-curricular activities. Additionally, many institutions like Bentleigh Kindergarten provide children with ample space rich with experience, promoting creativity.

Extra-curriculars constitute diverse experiences and also play an integral role in child development. Read on to understand why they are so crucial and which ones you can consider for your child.

Why are Extra-Curricular Activities so Pivotal?

Many families, especially those in Asia, believe in a single-faceted approach to education – pushing for academic success. However, this doesn’t apply to cities like Bentleigh. Education is an experience, and a school’s boundary does not solely define it.


Enrolling in different extra-curricular activities at a young age can help children find their identity or personality. It helps them learn about themselves – their likes and dislikes. They understand which activities bring them joy and form the foundation for their identity later.

Social Skills

Children need to experiment and experience the building and breaking of interpersonal relationships. Partaking in extra-curricular activities is the perfect way to meet new people, especially those from different backgrounds and of varying ages (depending on which EC activity).


By partaking in these activities, children receive an opportunity to understand themselves better. By experimenting with their social skills, children become more self-confident and charismatic.

Furthermore, they help children learn responsibility and time management. Other activities also help hone their leadership skills or abilities. How children deal with social interaction defines their scope for the future, and these activities can serve as stepping stones.

Extra-Curricular Activities

While institutions like Bentleigh Kindergarten offer some of these extra-curricular activities, it is not impossible to find an independent service to manage the same.


Most children pick up instruments at incredibly young ages. If you think your child would thrive in such an environment or if they seem interested in a specific musical instrument, sign them up for introductory sessions.

The piano, violin, and flute remain popular instrumental choices for kids.

Martial Arts

Children require a space to spend their copious amounts of pent-up energy, and there’s no better way to do this than to sign them up for beginners’ martial arts. Instead of jumping around in small, enclosed spaces, they are free to move in a safe environment. Moreover, these lessons will contribute to their self-defence capabilities.

Reading (outside school)

There are plenty of reading clubs for kindergartners in Bentleigh, whose parents are hoping for an edge above the rest. However, reading need not always translate to academic success. Fiction has been capturing the minds of young readers for decades, and with reading beginning at younger ages, there are mountains of books into which your child can bury their nose.

Getting them a library membership or participating in an active kindergartners’ book club are a few ways to carry this forward.


Most kindergarten schools provide children with numerous art classes. However, if your child still seems perpetually artistic, signing up for a fun pottery class or a finger-painting class could be helpful.

Finding a parent-child session can also make this journey of artistic discovery a wholesome bonding session.


Another way to spend all the pent-up energy is by enrolling your child on sports coaching. Starting sports coaching early on ensures a healthy lifestyle for your child by giving them adequate physical activity.

Additionally, it is a better alternative to having them sit inside on electronic devices. They’ll get a lot of sunlight and sweat, and it’s a smart way to keep them moving.

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