The date is set. You’ve spoken with both families, and the dress has been selected. Wedding plans are in high gear. However, one task remains— your wedding venue and how much it will cost.

The costs can increase depending on the type of wedding venue you go with. For example, an indoor venue might cost more than an outdoor wedding venue.

If you’re looking for event venues near me, you’ve come to the right place to start. With so many things to consider when planning a wedding, we want to provide you with helpful information about the cost of wedding venues. Kean University, located in Union, New Jersey, offers beautiful and versatile event spaces that can be customized to suit your wedding needs.

Types of Wedding Event Venues Near Me and Their Costs

There are several different types of wedding venues. The venue you choose will depend on your budget and the wedding theme you want to achieve. To help you, here are some of them:

Church or Temple

These venues usually have a religious affiliation and an associated fee for use. They can be large enough to accommodate hundreds of guests, but they are not typically very aesthetically pleasing. The average cost of a church or temple wedding venue is $1,000.

Private Home

A private home is an excellent option for a wedding venue if you want something intimate and personal. However, the cost of a private home can be higher than other venues because of the rental price and additional expenses like catering, flowers, decorations, etc. The average cost for a private home is $4,500 to $8,000.


Hotels offer various room sizes to accommodate your guests and catering options that could include in-house chefs or outside caterers hired by the hotel itself. They also tend to have more amenities than other types of venues. The average cost to hire a hotel for your wedding ceremony and reception is $10,000 on average.

Outdoor Venues

Gardens and parks are two of the most popular outdoor venues for weddings. The costs will depend on the venue size and if you plan to have an outdoor ceremony.

The average cost of a garden wedding is around $2,000. Meanwhile, the average cost of a park wedding is around $1,000.

If you are looking for something more intimate, a garden might be your best bet with its lush greenery and beautiful scenery. On the other hand, if you want to have an outdoor ceremony in front of your guests, then a park may be your best option with its expansive green space.

Other Things You Need to Consider

Keep in mind that when picking a location for your wedding, there are several vital things to look for. These include the venue’s size and capacity for guests.

You should also consider its location and accessibility and whether or not it has a restaurant or bar that can serve your guests’ needs throughout the reception. Finally, select a venue that will best fit your program and theme!

Let’s Hear Those Wedding Bells!

Researching wedding venues near me can unlock the perfect destination for your special day. Consider all factors, such as cost, space, and amenities, when searching for a wedding venue. Be sure to do research and compare quotes from different venues.

Costing an average of $3000 to $8000, wedding venues can offer an incredible experience at a fraction of the price. Don’t wait another minute; start searching for the perfect event venues near you today, and give the event of your dreams all it deserves!

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