Euphoria is an American teen drama show which aired on HBO. Ever since its release, it has received a lot of attention both from the audience and the critics. Just like ’13 reasons why’ and ‘Elite’, this show also revolves around the life of high school teenagers and how their life changes with time.

Euphoria was created by Sam Levinson. It is based on an Israeli miniseries, also named ‘Euphoria’. This Israeli series first appeared on television in 2012 and exposed some hard truths about the young teen’s life. The originality of this show is what makes it so unique. In comparison to other shows which talk about teen life, this show focuses on the more horrific side of things.

Euphoria, featuring Zendaya, is a show which demonstrated how high school students get involved in sex, drugs, alcohol, and violence. The original Israeli series was based on real events. It was inspired by the murder of Ra’anan Levy. 18-year-old Levy died after being stabbed by two 22-year-old men.

Euphoria Season 2

Although Euphoria is based on an Israeli teen drama, the American version revolves around Zendaya’s character. She is described as a lying, drug-addicted teenager. The series is full of utterly realistic scenes which make it all the more relatable. When Zendaya’s character Rue Bennett first discovered drugs, she describes it as ‘This is the feeling I’ve been searching for my entire life’.

What follows is something out of a teenager’s erotic fanfiction. Viewers tend to lose themselves amidst the excessive skin show, violence, and erotic sex life of teenagers.

The first season of Euphoria aired in 2019, and before the first season was wrapped up, it was announced that season 2 would follow. Season 1 was loved by viewers, gathering over 5.5 million viewers all over the world. HBO declared that Euphoria would be back soon with another season in 2020. But because of the disasters of COVID-19 production was delayed and now filming will start in 2021.

Euphoria Season 2 Release Date

Euphoria Season 2: Plot

Season one of Euphoria deals with the somewhat wrong side of a teenager’s life. Drugs, sex, violence, and nudity is well displayed in all the episodes. But at depth Euphoria deals with the growing struggles of a teenager. It shows how teenagers these days are easily exposed to drugs and how it influences their day to day life.

The story revolves around a 17-year-old teenager named Rue Bennett. She had to face numerous difficulties throughout her growing years. She suffered from mental diseases which pushed her more and more towards drugs. Euphoria begins when Rue comes back home from rehab. But she has no intentions of staying sober.

This changes soon when she meets a transgender woman named Jules. She is soon smitten by her and decides to give sobriety a real shot. But sobriety comes with a lot of challenges. Rue finally needs to deal with the death of her father and bipolar disorder. Things become all the more difficult when Rue decides to stay in town with her family while Jules aspires to go to Los Angeles.

Season 2 would explore this story. It would be exciting to know about the relationship between Rue and Jules. Season 2 would also talk about stories of Nate, Maddy, and Kat. Nate choked Maddy, and that left a mark. This lands him in great trouble. To save himself, he blackmails Jules to come forward as a witness.

Euphoria Season 2: Cast

  • Zendaya as Rue Bennett: Zendaya plays the role of a struggling teenager. She is addicted to drugs, and that lands her in rehab. But even after her rehab visit, she has no intentions of leaving drugs. She has a lot of things to deal with, which push her more and more towards drugs. But the introduction with Jules changes a lot of things.

Zendaya is an American actress and singer. She began her career as a child model and backup dancer. But she quickly rose to fame with her appearance in ‘Shake It Up’. She also appeared in ‘Dancing with the Stars’ in 2013. Zendaya also won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her dynamic performance in Euphoria.

  • Maude Apatow as Lexi Howard: Lexi Howard is the childhood best friend of Rue. She also has an elder sister named Cassie.

Maude Apatow is an American actress and the daughter of filmmaker Judd Apatow and actress Leslie Mann. She started her film career with small roles in movies like ‘Knocked Up’, ‘Funny People’ and ‘This is 40’. She is best known for her performance in ‘Other People’, ‘The House of Tomorrow’, ‘Assassination Nation’, ‘The King of Staten Island’ and ‘Hollywood’.

  • Alexa Demie and Maddy Perez: Alexa Demie plays the role of Maddy Perez, who is in an on-again-off-again relationship with Nate. Alexa Demie is a Mexican- American actress and singer. Demie appeared in the ‘Mid90s’ in 2018 and in 2019 she made her debut in ‘Euphoria’. Besides this, she has made numerous appearances in TV series like ‘Ray Donovan’, ‘Love’ and ‘The OA’.
  • Hunter Schafer as Jules Vaughn: Hunter Schafer plays the role of a transgender girl who soon becomes friends with Rue. Hunter Schafer is an American fashion model, actress, and LGBT rights, activist. She made her debut with the role of Jules in ‘Euphoria’.

Euphoria Season 2: Crew

Euphoria was created by Sam Levinson. It was directed by Pippa Bianco, Augustine Frizzell, and Jennifer Morrison, besides Sam Levinson. Screenwriting credits go to Ron Leshem, Daphna Levin, and Sam Levinson.

Euphoria Season 2: Release Date

HBO confirmed that Euphoria season 1 would be followed by a season 2. But no official announcements were made regarding the release date. This was most likely because of the coronavirus pandemic. It was believed that Season 2 would be released in 2020, but now, Euphoria is most likely to be released in 2021.

Euphoria Season 2: Latest Updates

Euphoria season 2 would be released in 2021. Besides that two bridge episodes would also be released in December. This will act as a connecting link between the two seasons and would give something to the viewers to think about.

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