Sliding patio doors offer an excellent aesthetic boost to your home. They allow more natural light and provide easy outdoor access to your garden or backyard. That’s why they’re perfect additions to any residence. Unfortunately, they’re prone to various issues, like smudges and sticking, that could get in the way between you and your gorgeous landscape.

If you’re planning to get sliding patio doors in your home, take note of the following maintenance practices to keep them shiny and functional.

Cleaning the Glass

To remove smudges and stains on the glass, use a microfibre cloth or sponge soaked in warm water mixed with detergent. Next, wipe the glass with a squeegee to remove all cleaning residue. If you need a stronger solution, you can try a combination of water and white vinegar and do the same process.

For the finishing touches, use an old newspaper or a dry microfibre cloth to buff the glass doors.

Regularly cleaning the glass will ensure that your new patio doors look as good as when you first installed them.

Washing the Hardware

Cleaning off the hardware, like the frames and handles, is essential to address the dirt buildup from the many people that go through the door.

Start by dusting them and then wiping them with a light touch of soapy water to keep them clean and shiny. Never use any cleaning solutions to avoid damaging the frame’s material.

If your sliding doors have a wooden frame, use varnish to maintain its shine, especially if the original coat wears off.

Taking Care of the Tracks

The tracks may experience wear and tear the fastest since they’re more exposed to dust, dirt, crumbs, and pet hair. Start by vacuuming the loose debris on the tracks, then wipe with warm, soapy water for maximum cleaning.

Use a butter knife and an old toothbrush to clean the grooves and hard-to-reach areas. Do this process monthly to avoid any buildup and prevent the door from sticking.

It’s also essential to lubricate the bottom tracks regularly. However, do this every time you finish cleaning the tracks.

If the tracks have dirt that’s become harder to clean, remove the doors carefully so you can wash and lubricate the entire rail. Doing this is also advised if you’ve been dealing with a sticky door for a long time.

Replacing Weatherstripping and Rollers

Worn-out weatherstripping won’t be able to protect your home from colder or sweltering temperatures. That’s why replacing them is essential once they turn old and brittle. To do this, remove the worn-out strips and clean the surface before installing new ones.

Changing your rollers is also essential to avoid sticking doors. You can clean and lubricate dirty rollers, but if they’re damaged, you must immediately replace them.

When replacing the weatherstripping and rollers, you must align them correctly to ensure a seamless sliding door movement.

Keep Your Sliding Doors Smooth and Clean

Sliding doors are excellent additions to any home. However, they come with various responsibilities that you must do to ensure they remain functional and aesthetically pleasing.

These basic upkeep practices can help spruce up your patio doors from regular cleaning to part replacements. They can maintain excellent door quality, so you won’t have to get new ones in a long time.

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