It’s no secret that Spain is one of the most alluring tourist destinations in the world. Research shows that the country has been slowly recovering from the effects of COVID-19, with 3.35 million tourists arriving in November of 2021.

Of course, if you don’t want to leave the country after your arrival, you’re not alone! Walking away from the Spanish lifestyle and all its perks can be difficult—which is why so many expats choose to live there.

If you’re considering emigrating, there are a few key things you’ll want to expect from your new lifestyle. Here’s what to know about living in Spain.

The Beautiful Language

If you and your loved ones are hoping to get visas to live in Spain, it’s worth knowing that the Spanish language is full of emotion and vigor. For English speakers, Spanish is among the easiest languages to learn, meaning you’ll find yourself picking it up fast with practice.

Note that you’ll also be more likely to find Spaniards who speak English in major cities, and certain areas like the south of Spain have enough expats that you’ll have plenty of chances to dive back into your native tongue.

Low Cost of Living

If you’ve done much research into emigrating to Spain, you may have been floored by the low prices of apartments and homes in your city of choice. The truth is that the cost of living in Spain is very low, and things like housing and food are affordable enough for you to live comfortably on little money.

Warm and Sunny Climate

Compared to many countries, Spain has a warm and sunny climate—which is why it’s known as a winter getaway. It’s worth noting, of course, that some areas of the country do get cold, especially the northernmost regions.

However, the south of Spain, in particular, is known for its enduring warmth and coastal beauty. For more info on buying Spanish property in this area, click here.

Relaxed Lifestyle

The Spanish siesta—a traditional break in the afternoon, often from 2 pm to 4 pm—is a good indicator of the relaxed attitude of the country. If you’re considering moving to Spain, you’ll need to embrace the relaxed, carefree way of living fast! You’ll find that people in Spain work to live instead of living to work, often focusing on quality time with friends and loved ones instead of prioritizing their careers.

This has pros and cons: the slow pace can be charming, but some expats find it frustrating to wait for restaurant, bank, or post office services.

Make the Most of Your Spanish Lifestyle

The Spanish lifestyle has a lot to offer, from delicious dining to affordable living to a laid-back attitude. All of these factors combine to create a unique cultural experience you won’t want to walk away from—which is what makes living in Spain so enticing! As you research for your move, keep these lifestyle factors in mind to prepare for your new home.

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