The virus outbreak and lockdown had varying degrees of impact on the sports sector. Outdoor and indoor sports were either postponed or cancelled entirely. Individual sports and home workouts are on the rise, which is positive.

When Australia imposed a lockdown, Google searches for “home workout,” “HIIT,” and “Tabata” increased. However, obtaining dependable/reliable equipment continues to be a challenge.

Here are some guidelines that a leading sporting goods store follows to provide you with the overall best results from your products/gears.


If you are a newbie weighing 75kgs, you must be capable of lifting 17kgs in a single rep. A beginner (with some experience) weighing 75 kgs would change that range to around 28kgs. Consult your instructor or a sports shop expert for advice on which set is best for you. A basic set includes four 1.5kg plates, six 2.5kg plates, and four 5kg plates. Depending on the equipment, a 1.8m barbell and two dumbbell handles are also included.


These are useful pieces of exercise equipment that can be used to workout and tone your upper shoulders and arms. Several experts suggest that doing as many two-handed Kettlebell swings (16kg) as possible in 12 minutes resulted in a heartbeat that was 87 per cent of the maximum heart rate attained on the treadmill for a prolonged time frame.

For the best benefits, incorporate it into your Intermittent Training plan. KBs come in weights ranging from 4kg to 24kg. Heavy-duty cast iron is used to make the greatest KBs. Look for KBs with quality vinyl covering to avoid destroying your flooring during accidental slips (KBs slipping from your grasp).

Medicine Balls:

These are essential for strengthening shoulders, improving the core. They’re even more enjoyable if you have a workout companion. Since modern medicine balls include handles, you could use them to exercise multiple muscles, including your deltoids, chest, and obliques. Search for balls with a rough surface made of heavy-duty latex/rubber.


Despite heavy challenges from modern equipment, DBs remain popular. Due to their effectiveness and minimalism, they are important equipment for any home gym. You can use DBs to exercise and grow your upper arm muscles, or you can use them when planking to strengthen your core. You can choose between adjustable and non-adjustable DBs.

The former includes mountable plates, allowing you to use the same set for your complete training group. The latter has flat ends, so it does not roll when used for abdominal exercises. Consult your instructor or the in-store specialist at the sporting goods store to determine which is best for you.


If you’re new to weightlifting, you might want to invest in some gloves. They prevent chafing on your skin. Another benefit of quality gloves is that they increase your posture (of hands) and grip, allowing you to get the most from your exercise.

For support, look for premium leather, grip treads on the palm, and neoprene back. Gym and yoga mats are accessories that allow you to focus on the workout without fear of injury. Consider investing in decent mats if you want to stock up on workout gears or try this personal training booking software.

Manufacturing policies:

Australians are becoming more concerned about how products are manufactured (eco-friendliness and human rights being the top concerns). Leading manufacturers aggressively enforce anti-child labour policies. They reinforce this by inspecting establishments regularly. Make sure to find out how and where the product is made. Additionally, confirm that all equipment complies with Standards Australia’s CS-101 safety rules.

With all this advice, you can expect to receive the finest equipment for yourself and avoid any headaches and accidents that may result from selecting the improper instruments. Fitness is all about the journey rather than the destination; make the most of every minute with your home gym.

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