If you are having trouble with winter condensation, high summer heat or sound problems, chances are you need double glazed windows!

Double glazed windows are two glass panels that are bonded with some space between them. The space is then filled with argon gas before being hermetically sealed.

This is the only physical difference between single and double glazed windows, but this single physical difference makes all the applicational difference.

Double glazed windows, with their smart design and reinforced barriers, provide the optimal safety and energy efficiency for homes in the greater Melbourne region.

If you’ve been looking for the best glass replacement Melbourne has to offer, then you should really look no further than double glazed windows.

Here are five reasons why:

1. They are safer

Melbourne’s weather can become outrageously raucous at different times of the year. Both summer and winter storms can threaten the home, with broken glass being a real danger for small kids and pets (even adults!).

Double glazed windows are reinforced and provide a greater safety barrier for when things get unruly outside of the home. This makes it far safer for home occupants.

2. They provide enhanced energy efficiency

Double glazed windows provide optimal energy efficiency. Melbourne’s temperatures fluctuate like crazy – anyone who lives here or has spent the week here can testify to that fact.

This means homes often end up using more power to conduct air conditioning and heating systems. Conversely, double glazed windows can help you save 20% on your energy bill, providing an insulation barrier between inside and out!

3. They provide greater temperature control

Carrying on from the last point: double glazed windows provide enhanced temperature control throughout the home. They are designed to provide greater insulation, meaning you won’t have to worry so much about when to turn on the air conditioning or heating system.

This is great for homeowners who want to maintain a consistent temperature in the times of the year when the weather fluctuates rapidly.

4. They provide greater sound control

If your home is near a busy road or walkway it can be really annoying. Sometimes we just want a bit of peace and quiet in our homes, but this can’t be if you’re near a busy spot with windows that easily allow noise to enter the home.

Double glazed windows are reinforced and provide the barrier required to keep out all that annoying neighbourhood noise. What’s more, they provide sound proofing from within, too, so if you like to play your music loud, have a party or jam with your friends you won’t have to worry about the neighbours calling the cops on you!

5. They reduce condensation

Condensation can be a real nuisance. Granted, a little bit probably isn’t going to cause too much of a ruckus, but if allowed to exacerbate condensation can lead to mould problems which can then cause health problems for home occupants.

Double glazed windows, with their reinforced glass, are designed to reduce condensation build up within the home. This means less risk of mould forming in the home and therefore a reduced risk of mould-related health concerns!

They’re just an all-round winner!

As you can see, double glazed windows are designed to optimal the home’s energy efficiency, sound proofing, safety and condensation reduction. They are a valuable addition to any home where one or more of the above issues is a concern.

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