If the past two years and the pandemic have taught us anything, it’s that masks are an essential part of our health. And daily outfits. The Covid-19 pandemic and sudden lifestyle change have led to a surge in brands that sell facial masks. One such brand is Buyneverlost.com.

Buyneverlost.com is a brand that specializes in copper-fit face masks. The masks promise an array of positive features like adjustable ear loops, copper-infused triple-layer protection, a neck hanging feature, a customized nose clip, among others.

Let’s take a dive into the brand that is Buyneverlost.com.

Copper Fit Face Masks

Copper-fit face masks are the future of face masks. They have been carefully designed to give you ultimate protection against the pesky coronavirus. As a result, the finest of dust that could otherwise be detrimental to your health don’t stand a chance.

In addition, they are lightweight, with triple-layer protection, and not only keep germs at bay but are also comfortable on your face. And as with every other accessory, comfort is critical.

What does Copper Fit Face Masks bring to the table?

Forget having to fold your mask every time you eat. Instead, the copper-fit face masks come with a neckband that allows you to wear them on your neck whenever you need a breather. This feature also ensures that you don’t misplace your mask every time you remove it in public because it is right there with you.

The masks are made with a three-layer copper-infused fabric that provides ultimate protection from pollution, bacteria, and viruses.

Its customized nose clip also ensures that your glasses don’t fog up whenever you wear your face mask.

In addition, the copper-fit face masks are washable and reusable. Therefore, if you are ever strapped for cash, you can reuse one mask without worrying about it losing its effectiveness.


The Copper fit face masks come in two distinct colors, black, and grey, which pair well with most outfits while still giving off a chic style.

It comes with three-layered protection to keep all the pesky dust, dirt, and germs at bay all day long.

It has adjustable earloops; thus, there’s something for everyone, from small kids to adults and adults with larger or smaller ears than the norm.

It is washable and can be worn more than once while maintaining its impregnable barrier to protect you from germs.

It is copper infused and made using a lanyard design.

It also has a customized nose clip feature which ensures breathability all day long.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Why buy one mask when you can get a set at almost half the price? Buyneverlost has an exclusive offer that allows you to buy four copper fit face masks at only 19.99 dollars.

Pros of Copper Fit Face Masks

The face masks are ultra-lightweight, thus easy to walk around and breathe in.

It is washable, making it an excellent investment if strapped for cash. In addition, you can reuse it several times before discarding it.

If you wear glasses, then you’ve probably noticed them fogging after you put on a mask. Annoying, right? That’s where the knight in shining armor, buyneverlost.com, comes marching in. According to the reviews on the website, the copper fit face masks will not fog up your glasses. Sounds convenient to me.

It comes in black and grey making it the perfect accessory to any outfit. The colors look chic and stylish without cramping your look.

Cons of Copper Fit Face Masks

The mask hasn’t been clinically proven or tested yet, and I don’t know about you, but that sounds a little sketchy and detrimental to your health.

The lack of customer reviews on social media doesn’t give much credibility to the authenticity of Buyneverlost.com.

The website is only four months old, making it a fledgling company at best, unlike other competing brand names like Amazon.

The masks offered on the website are not fit for medical purposes. Unfortunately, this means that they don’t provide top-notch protection against dirt and germs.

The Legitimacy Question…

Buyneverlost.com has taken social media by proffering their very own copper fit face masks. And while the word copper might have you second-guessing your life choices, the website promises ultimate protection from the Covid-19 virus. In addition, you get to look stunning. The face masks also come with a plethora of goodies like adjustable ear loops, two color options, three-layered protection, and are lightweight.

Is it legitimate? That’s the million-dollar question. Buyneverlost.com has only been up and running for about four months; therefore, it is still early on to tell whether it is legitimate or not. The lack of reviews on social media doesn’t also shed light on the website’s credibility. But everything must start from the ground up.

What do the customers have to say?

There were a few positive reviews on Buyneverlost.com, with some praising its triple-layered protection and the neck-hanging feature. However, none of the reviews had valid customer IDs or links given; thus, it can’t be a testament to the validity of the products.

And as the adage goes, the customer is always right. So no valid reviews mean no buyers, right?

Final Verdict

Choosing a suitable face mask that offers complete protection from the Covid-19 virus while still accentuating your look is no easy feat. The market is full of face masks from various brands, which might pose a challenge, especially since the fear of the virus is ever rising.

One such brand is Buyneverlost. The brand deals in copper fit face masks, which promise top-of-the-line protection with additional features that seem too good to pass up on. From adjustable ear loops to triple-layer protection. Buyneverlost.com products are a gift that keeps on giving.

But before you swipe your card to buy the mask of your dreams, make a point of fact-checking the website’s validity first.

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