Sunglasses come in various coloured lenses, and you must be wondering whether there are any benefits of these colours, or are they just a style statement. The colours help filter the light and protect your eyes, but what are each colour’s capacities, and how do they help filter the light? This writing will answer all these questions and will list the colours of lenses you must look for.

When you buy sunglasses, select only those that provide proper UV protection and are of a quality brand. You can look up accessories like dior sunglasses if you are shopping online.

Some shades with tints enhance the colours you see, resulting in a vivid image of everything. Some tints help distort colours, decrease glare, block harmful light rays, and improve visual capacity. Each coloured lens can be worn on different occasions/places or per your requirements.

Before you read about the colours of lenses and their benefits, you must understand that these colours are not an indication of protection from ultraviolet rays. There are special lenses that are good at protecting your eyes from UV rays, but having different colours that dim the light is not an indication of UV resistance—you need to ask the retailer or read the description while buying one.

Whatever the sunglasses may look like, never assume anything unless there’s a label of UV protection or the brand guarantees it.

Now, here is the list of different colours of lenses and their benefits:

When choosing a tinted or coloured lens, ensure the lifestyle, daily usage, and extracurricular activities. How you plan to use your sunglasses really matters, and the places you are going to.


The green coloured lens helps filter the blue light. The lens will also reduce the glare and prevent your eyes from straining in bright sunlight. This colour is preferred by people who play golf or tennis regularly.


This neutral colour reduces the glare effect, and people who go fishing prefer this type of lens. The water bodies reflect the sunlight with high intensity, and the grey-tinted lenses can work well in preventing these glares from harming the eyes. One can use this lens on cloudy and sunny days, making it an all-purpose lens for fishermen and hikers.

Blue or purple

Lenses tinted in blue or purple can offer enhanced colour perception. It protects the eyes from reflective surfaces, and you can easily see the contours around the objects. One more reason people prefer this tint is that it looks great on all skin tones.

Red or rose

The lenses with red or rose colour block blue light efficiently and help improve the visibility while driving. It reduces the strain on your eyes, increases the field’s depth, and highlights the details. These are the features that car racers look for, and it works well during the whole tournament.

Yellow, orange or gold

These light-coloured lenses are great for moderate- to low-level light conditions. These lenses provide exceptional depth perception and are used in outdoor and indoor sports sunglasses. The yellow lens also improves clarity during nighttime drives.

These are the colours used in lenses of sunglasses for better visibility in specific conditions and for the protection of the eyes. Brands like dior sunglasses offer a wide range of products with specific requirements and designs suitable for all.

One can select a pair as per the need and style. Something unique, functional and durable will be a wise choice.

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