Daddy’s Home is an American home, family, and comedy film led by two of the most successful actors, Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. The film franchise has already released two of its movies in 2015 and 2017. 

Some of the critics might have said that this movie experienced challenges during its premier. But because of its strategic releases nears the holidays, the film became very much marketable.

One of the factors why this movie posed a market challenge is because of large franchise entries such as Star Wars, mega-event films, and superheroes movies. As the film producers decided to release the film with a concept of family, bonding, and Christmas spirit, it will be well received by audiences. 

This is one of the reasons that there is a great chance that the third movie for Daddy’s Home will be made.

Especially that viewers and fans are much more receptive to the first two films. With a film budget of $150 million altogether and a gross estimate of $420 million, the film is a success. Mark Wahlberg shared his content of having the third franchise of this exciting and funny film. 

To get us a better insight into the third franchise of the film, let us have a brief review of the first two films of the series. Here are the things that you need to know about the possibility of having a ‘Daddy’s Home 3’. 

The First and Second Movie Recap

The first movie tells the story of an aspiring husband to his new and beautiful wife, Sarah, while becoming the best stepfather to two of her young children, Dylan and Megan. Brad Whitaker, a radio station manager with a sincere heart of gold, is a beloved stepfather.

Just when everything is going well with his new family, Sarah’s ex-husband who is the opposite of Brad’s character, Dusty, a cool and perfectly built six-packman, decides to visit them to bond with the kids.

The going-so-well household is now threatened by a new alpha who easily gets the attention of everybody because of his talents and impressive skills. Triggering Brad into a funny and competitive challenge to who the king of the house will be. The story ended with them having to reconcile with their differences, accepting each other, and working all out. 

The second movie follows the first as Brad and Dusty bury the hatchet to their competition, both of them now are proud co-dads. In this movie, Christmas is near and the two dads have come to celebrate the holidays together.

When everything again is getting great, the events suddenly turn different when Dusty’s dad, Kurt, and Brad’s dad, Don, visit them. The conflict of both grandad has come to the merry holidays as all of them spend the week in the snowy cabin.

What can make the holidays better than the two dads learning to co-exist as Kurt has an alpha attitude while Don has a pleasant and hugging attitude? The story ended with having both of the families learn to appreciate one another and become merry. 

Daddy’s Home 3 Plot

There can be a wide range of possibilities on where the story starts for the ‘Daddy’s Home’ part 3, but one of them could be in a distant future where both dads, Mark and Will are old and a reunion of their families when one of their children is getting married.

This is how Sean Anders shared his thoughts jokingly about the future film. But for many, this could be a real and good story plot. 

Things can be done easily today with the use of CGI, the production can easily age both Will and Mark for the movie, rather than waiting for the actors to age in real life. But, as of now, since there is still no news for the third franchise, we only have small details or information and several speculations on how it would come together. 

An expected plot would be to focus on the Whitaker family moving forward. We already saw how Brad and Dusty compete with each other, then worked together. This time, an equally challenging plot that focuses on the internal affairs of the family and how the family can resolve such issues would be a good plot as well. 

Daddy’s Home 3 Characters

The story will still revolve around the main characters and the family. 

Mark Wahlberg as Dusty, Will Ferrell as Brad, Linda Cardellini as Sara, Scarlett Estevez as Megan, Owen Vaccaro as Dylan, and Alessandra Mayron as Karen.

Like in many movies alike, as the story progresses characters will grow, lose, or add. Only the main characters will remain. 

Should there be a third movie, some characters in the second film may not be in the third, but we can expect a lot of new characters that can set the pace and twist in the story plot. Mark expressed his suggestion of having Liam Neeson join in the third film. He would be a great additional dad role in the series. 

Many of our fans would like to see more of the comedic duo of Mark and Will. 

Daddy’s Home 3 Release date

There are no updates or no official statements that have been released from the team and producers yet, but we can assume that should there be a third franchise of the movie, it would most likely be at the end of 2021 or middle of 2022. 

We can only hope and wait for any news update that ‘Daddy’s Home 3’ will be on the move and upcoming. Nevertheless, everyone wants to see a family, exciting, and fun-filled movie with the two top stars in the comedy scenes. 

Daddy’s Home 3 Trailer

Since there are no statements with regards to the upcoming film. There are no movie trailers for ‘Daddy’s Home 3’. 

You can check the first and second movie trailers available on multimedia, social media, and entertainment platforms. 

If you have not seen the first two films, now would be the right time.

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