Restocking supplies at a bed and breakfast may be the largest business expense and can eat into your profit. Wholesale bedding and other supplies are a cost-effective business solution that allows you to provide quality products for guests while minimizing your expenses. Below are some supplies you can purchase wholesale when opening a bed and breakfast:

Cleaning Supplies

Maintain a clean and sanitary environment for your guests. Buying cleaning cloths, rags, mops, and other cleaning supplies in bulk keeps you from reusing dirty and worn-out supplies that may not get the job done. Wholesalers have a stock of high-quality cleaning products to help you maintain spotless rooms for your guests.

Bathroom Towels and Washcloths

Supplies like bathroom supplies and washcloths are used quickly in bed and breakfasts, so always have an adequate supply in your establishment. Buying such supplies wholesale reduces the chances of running out of towels during busy seasons. When shopping for wholesale towels, buy different sizes to cater to guests of all ages and sizes. Invest in durable options like microfiber and fleece that can withstand frequent laundering.

Kitchen and Dining Supplies

If your bed and breakfast has kitchen facilities for guests, it may be helpful to stock up on kitchen supplies. Some kitchen supplies you can get wholesale include pot holders, dishcloths, kitchen rugs, aprons, and kitchen towels. Purchase wholesale dining supplies like tablecloths and napkins to give your dining area an elevated look.

Wholesale Bedding

Investing in high-quality bedding is key for giving your bed and breakfast guests a comfortable and restful stay. Retail bedding can be costly, so business owners may opt for wholesale bedding. Here are some bedding types you can buy wholesale:

Bed Sheets

High-quality bedsheets help provide guests with a comfortable sleeping experience. Consider investing in high thread count cotton bed sheets or linen sheets, which are soft and durable. Purchasing these linens in bulk provides you with a steady supply for your guests.

Pillows and Pillow Cases

Purchase firm and soft pillows to cater to guests’ preferences. Get pillowcases to maintain hygiene and extend your pillows’ lifespan. You can easily strip the cases off the pillows and wash them before the next guests arrive.

Mattress Protectors

Over time, the mattress can become stained by the many guests who may visit your bed and breakfast. Covering your mattresses with a protective sheet protects them from staining and maintains hygiene. Wholesale mattress protectors are a smart choice as they are easily replaceable and keep your mattresses stain-free.

Blankets and Throws

Extra blankets and throws can be a thoughtful touch in your guest rooms. These items can help your guests adjust their sleeping environment to their preferred level of warmth. You can add more blankets and throws in colder seasons to help keep your guests warm.

Get Wholesale Supplies for Your Bed and Breakfast

Minimizing costs while giving your guests a comfortable stay is key to running a successful bed and breakfast. Buying supplies like wholesale bedding, bathroom, and kitchen supplies can allow you to get better value for your money and provide a consistent experience for your guests. Stock your business supplies at your nearest wholesale store to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

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