Closing a deal is tough, especially if the deal is B2B. Getting people and businesses onside is no easy feat. You need to ensure that you show them what your services and products can do, in a way that’s respectful and not overbearing.

On top of that, selling through each medium can be totally different meaning it can be tough to master them all. Here are some tips on how to close a deal through different mediums. 

Over The Phone

Cold calling is probably the hardest way to close a deal. You need to lay down the facts, figures, and what you can offer quickly and concisely before they get annoyed with you and hang up. It’s a lot easier if you can manage to book the call into their calendar by contacting them ahead of time, meaning it isn’t really a cold call.

The difficult part is in finding the decision maker. If you’re not calling the decision maker at the respective company you’re wasting your time. You don’t have this problem when calling end users luckily but they can be a harder sell in the long run than businesses. Usually when you call a business there’s a distinct problem to solve and you can save them money.

At An Event

The importance of large scale business events dimmed over the pandemic. People just couldn’t do it anymore. Now the pandemic is edging into the past, business events are once more popular. Closing deals at business events can be tough, but if you set up an attractive stall and bring people who are charismatic and good at engaging people, you can make it work.

Make the most of it. Use an event photographer to ensure that you capture your stall for social media. Pictures like this help sell you and your business as a serious contender in your niche.

Online Sales Data

Sales online are one of the biggest sales avenues to explore. You can go about it in different ways too. Setting up a website and focusing on SEO is one way, meaning people will come to you. Another way is by using the internet to find sales targets and then emailing them, or contacting them by phone or in person.

The key with online sales is in getting the right data. Focusing on intent data means you and your business will know exactly what intent people are looking for, meaning you’ll know what they need. You can generate sales and leads this way quite easily. 

In Person

Selling in person is easier in a way. It allows you time to build up a report with someone and closing is often easier too. The trick is in following standard sales techniques to ensure that you aren’t too overbearing. Try to set up a meeting somewhere neutral, in a relaxed environment.

Bring samples of the products you sell, or even a book of past services you’ve rendered onto previous clients. Put the best version of yourself across and you’ll have a better chance of closing your leads. 

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