Several methods are used for carpet cleaning, and each one of them has its bonuses. Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of the benefits of using a commercial carpet cleaning service.

This is because most of them believe that there is only one traditional way of cleaning the carpet, which could be done quickly at home. Carpets come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and textiles. Therefore, each carpet requires a different cleaning method based upon its texture, stuff, and size.

Washing the carpet at home without understanding its composition and material can result in faded or damaged pieces at times. This is why people rush to commercial carpet cleaners to get their carpets cleaned without damage. If you are looking for a reliable carpet cleaner, consider a commercial cleaning company in Phoenix.

Here are some of the most commonly used carpet cleaning methods.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction, is one of the most common and anciently used techniques. First, a cleaning agent is applied to the carpet and left for some time. Then, hot water is thrown on the carpet at high pressure to go deep inside the fibers and wash away all the dirt and germs from within.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is yet another ancient technique used to clean carpets without water. First, an absorbent chemical is applied on the carpet that breaks down all the dirt and germs. This is done with the help of a mechanical brush. Next, the absorbent is extracted from the carpet and the dirt with a vacuum.

Bonnet Cleaning

A bonnet machine is moved over the carpet’s surface to clean all the dirt. This machine consists of a pad, which has been dipped in a cleaning solution. The pad spins every time the machine moves over the carpet. This is the fastest carpet cleaning technique but is a short time solution.

Carpet Shampooing

It is quite a simple technique. First, shampoo is applied all over the carpet, and with the help of a mechanical brush, it is washed. A lot of foam is produced during the procedure and then removed along with the dirt through wet vacuuming. The carpet is then left to dry for some time. Finally, the procedures end with dry vacuuming the carpet, which helps remove the leftover dirt or dust.


It is the latest technique used for dry cleaning. It involves applying foaming detergents on the carpets with the help of a mechanical brush. The foam sucks all the dirt, dust, bacteria, and germs present in the carpet. It even starts to transform into crystals and then powder simultaneously. As soon as the foam converts into powder, the vacuum removes all the powder from the surface.

All these techniques are practical and beneficial in their way. However, nowadays, people prefer encapsulation over carpet shampooing and other techniques, as it is quicker and more effective comparatively. Encapsulation is undoubtedly a fast and effective technique, but it’s comparatively more expensive than the others. This is why; some people still don’t switch to the modern encapsulation technique.

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