Children of the Whales is a famous Japanese manga series. It was created by Abi Umeda. North America gained access to the series through Viz Media.

In October 2017, J.C. Staff adapted an anime television series. It aired in Japan until December 2017. In March 2018, it was made available worldwide on Netflix.

It follows the story of a 14-year old archivist living on an island-like ship in a vast desert. After meeting someone from the outside world, his quest for a new world is waiting.

Children of the Whales Season 2 Characters


Chakuro is the main protagonist of the series. He tells about his adventures and discoveries as an archivist. He lives in the Mud Whale and is Marked and bound to work for the Elders.

His dream is to give new hope for a better life for the upcoming generations. He has a gentle character and his curiosity led him to meet Lykos. They met on an abandoned island and easily became friends.


Lykos is a mysterious inhabitant of an abandoned island. The people from Mud Whale scavenged her place for resources. She lives by feeding off other people’s emotions around her.

She’s an Apatheia. She holds the psychic powers and gives her emotions to a Nous. She has an older sister named Orca who’s a high-ranking official of the Allied Empire. She taught the people of Mud Whale how to fight and chose to stay with them.

Children of the Whales Season 2


Ouni holds the biggest potential for thymia within Mud Whale. He’s a Marked boy and leader of a group of troublemakers called Moles. They often break Mud Whale’s rules and get imprisoned inside the ship’s belly.

His obsession to leave Mud Whale earned him a reputation as a delinquent. Chakuro’s discovery of Lykos gave him hope in escaping the Mud Whale. They snuck into an enemy ship along with his friends during the Allied Empire’s second invasion.

After his friend died, a power awakened inside of him. For the first time, he was able to use thymia and destroy the enemy’s ship.


Suoh works for the Council of Elders. He’s an Unmarked man that researches how to extend the Marked ones’ lives. He gives counsel to help the people living in Mud Whale.

He has a mannerism of clapping his hands to suppress his feelings. Suoh was appointed to become Mud Whale’s Mayor. He was imprisoned after defying an order to sink the ship.


Ginshu is a vigilante that helps the people of the Mud Whale.


Liontari is an Apatheia from the Allied Kingdom. He’s known for his uncontrolled emotions. He enjoys killing the people of Mud Whale.


Shuan is a mysterious figure. He was the Vigilante Corps’ former leader. He works with Suoh and the other Unmarked people of Mud Whale.


Sami is Suoh’s younger sister and friend of Chakuro. She likes Chakuro and is jealous of Lykos. She died protecting Chakuro from a group of soldiers that attacked Mud Whale.


The series is about a young boy named Chakuro living in a giant ship called Mud Whale. The ship is found to be adrift on a sea of sand. Inside the ship are two kinds of people, the Marked and Unmarked.

Marked ones possess a psychic power that allows them to move objects with their minds. The power is referred to as “thymia.” However, this power comes at a great price.

Marked people having thymia have shorter lifespans. On the other hand, Unmarked ones don’t possess thymia but live much longer.

Together with his friends, Chakuro is busy exploring the outside world. In the 93rd year of Mud Whale’s exile, they discovered an abandoned island. Chakuro met a girl that would change the course of lives of the people inside the enormous vessel.


On June 6, 2013, Abi Umeda created the manga series Children of the Whales. In July the same year, it was released in Akita Shoten’s manga magazine “Monthly Mystery Bonita.” As of September 2021, 20 volumes were made.

In 2017, Viz Media licensed the series and announced it in public during the Anime Boston panel. From April 2018 to June 5, 2021, a spin-off comedy manga series was published.


On January 6, 2017, an anime version of the series was created. February that same year, it was announced in public in an issue of Mystery Bonita. Kyohei Ishiguro directed the television series with Michiko Yokote as the writer.

J.C. Staff was in charge of the animation with Haruko Iizuka for the character designs and Hiroaki Tsutsumi for the music. The series was aired on Tokyo MX on December 24, 2017. It was also available on other channels.

The series had 12 episodes with 2 OVAs. In March 2018, the world gained access through Netflix.

Children of the Whales Season 2

Following Chakuro’s adventures in unraveling the mysteries of the outside world boils down to a question. Will there be another season of this adventure-packed anime series? Is there still more about the outside world yet to be revealed?

As of now, the production team did not say a word for a second season. However, it’s not time to lose hope. Typically, a gap between each season is normal in creating an anime series.

Besides, rushing things out might tarnish J.C. Staff’s good reputation. Yokote kept a silent mouth for another season of “Children of the Whales.” But, there’s more to it.

As we can see, the 21st episode of its manga series is bound to be released on February 16, 2022. That means the story is still ongoing. Whether the word is not yet clear, it doesn’t close the door for another season.

Fans are eager to get more. Chakuro’s quest in finding the truth about the outside world is far from finished. Will the mystery end outside the gigantic vessel of Mud Whale? Who knows? All that’s left is to speculate and wait for the final word.

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