Carlos Jr. Woods is a popular celebrity kid, who mainly got popularity for being the son of American lawyer and author Lauren Lake. Carlos Jr. Woods shares a good bonding with his mother and this is the reason that he became popular without any particular reason.

Today, we are here to tell you all the information about Carlos Jr. Woods including his personal life, family, education, net worth, and other details.

Personal life

Since Carlos Jr. Woods has not disclosed much about their personal lives, we exactly don’t know the DOB of Carlos Jr. Woods. With the fact that his mother is 53 years old right now, we assume that Carlos Jr. Woods must be at least a teenager. All we know about his family background is his parents’ names that are  Lauren Lake and Carlos Woods. Coming to the love life of Carlos Jr. Woods, it is also not known to the public. Neither Carlos Jr. Woods nor his parents have spoken about his love life.

Parents and siblings

As already said, the names of the parents of Carlos Jr. Woods are Lauren Lake and Carlos Woods. His parents got married in 2007. Since then, they have been together and enjoying a happy married life. Speaking of their professions, his mother is a well-known lawyer, author, interior designer, background singer, television personality, and real estate developer. She is active in multiple fields and the interesting thing is that she is successful in almost every field. On the other hand, his father is a football coach, who served as the coach of the NFL from 2006 to 2008.

Speaking of siblings of Carlos Jr. Woods, he is probably the only child of his parents because they have never talked about anyone else other than Carlos Jr. Woods.


Since there is no information available on the love life of Carlos Jr. Woods, it can’t be said whether he has any kids or not.

Education and profession

The parents of Carlos Jr. Woods seem to be really reclusive about the details of their son and this is why you will not find much details about the education of Carlos Jr. Woods. Though we are not sure, we can say that Carlos Jr. Woods must have gained education from some prestigious school, her parents are rich and her mother is also an author. So, she understands the importance of education very well.

Reason for the popularity of Carlos Jr. Woods

This goes without saying that the main reason that made Carlos Jr. Woods so popular despite doing nothing notable is his mother who is multi-talented and boasts a successful career.

Net worth of Carlos Jr. Woods

You can’t really estimate the net worth of Carlos Jr. Woods because his profession is not known. Yeah, we do know the net worth of his mother, who is professionally involved in diverse fields and has yielded a huge amount of around 1.4 million so far.


Carlos Jr. Woods is a son of a multi-talented lady and this will definitely help him to diversify his career. Hopefully, in the coming few years, we might get some information about the profession of Carlos Jr. Woods.

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