Raymond Scott or most famously known as Benzino is an American hip-hop, R&B artist, media executive, producer, and media personality. He began building up his career in music when he founded hip-hop and R&B groups called The Almighty RSO and Made Man.

Aside from his music career, he is prolific in his TV appearances. One of his most notable TV reality shows that helped him rise to stardom was the American reality show Next: 15.

He had not won the greatest and biggest awards to help him solidify his name in the industry but he made it in his career by winning the hearts of the crowd who recognizes and acknowledges his talent.

However, he was also known for always getting tangled on the negative side of the law. 

If you want to know more about Benzino who was coined to produce the world’s longest-running rap periodical of all time, then keep reading as we will provide you more information about his career, personal life, issues, and net worth.

Personal Details

Full Name: Raymond Scott
Stage Name: Benzino
Gender: Male
Birthday: 55 years old
Place of Origin: Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Age: 55 years old
Height: 5’2” ft
Weight: 80 Kg
Nationality: American
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Status: Single
Wife: N/A
Profession: Record producer, Music executive, Rapper, Actor, TV Personality
Benzino Total Net  Worth: $1 million

Raymond Scott Net Worth

Early Life

Веnzіnо wаѕ bоrn оn Јulу 18, 1965, іn Воѕtоn, Маѕѕасhuѕеttѕ. As a child, he had been known for his passion for music and had started to develop his talent more. His primary inspiration for entering rap music was the film Wild Style where he would always watch whenever he had free time. 

He started his career when he went to stages as Raydog which later changed to Benzino when he was able to stand on bigger platforms. He was one of the founding members of the Almighty RSO and Made Men which caused his reputation to increase drastically.

Benzino Career

Benzino jumped started his career in the music industry when he became the principal of the hip-hop magazine called The Source alongside David Mavs. Adding up to his success was being a founding member of the rap groups, The Almighty RSO and Made man which greatly created a huge leap to his career. 

With enough public admiration and recognition, he decided to venture out on his own as a solo artist. 

Aside from his music career, he also attempted to land on roles on shows which he actually made possible. His most notable TV appearance was when he appeared on VH1, Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, and TV One original series The Next: 15. 

He has released over fifteen studio albums including, The Benzino Project in 2001, The Magnificent 757’s in 2012, Welcome to Texaco City in 2015, and more. His feud with Eminem was also one of the reasons why he was recognized by many. It was because of the diss tracks he made to answer Eminen’s.

It ended with Eminen still in the light whilst Benzino being branded as an insecure rapper for Eminem’s success. However, in 2012 he publicly apologized to Eminem which left a huge crowd in admiration for his bravery in stepping up and asking forgiveness.

In 2016, Benzino reached the spotlight when he appeared in the American reality show Next: 15 alongside six other artists like Tiffany Pollard, Claudia Jordan, Laura Govan, Karamo Brown, and Jennifer Williams.

Personal Life 

Benzino is not yet married to anyone but he had a son with his former fiancée Althea Heart in November 2015.  He was also involved in some legal issues with rapper Eminem when Benzino called Eminem 2003 Vanilla Ice. Both of them created and produced diss tracks about each other like Benzino’s Skirt Up and Eminem’s The Sauce. 

During his mother’s funeral, he was shot at the back and shoulders by his nephew, Gal Scott for unknown reasons. 

Recently in 2019, Benzino was arrested for a bench warrant and sent to jail launching racial violent speech against the Vietnamese-American police officer who arrested him.

Achievement and Awards

Benzino has proven his popularity by winning awards and garnering achievements over the course of his career. Together with Mavs, their rap The Periodical and The Source was coined as the world’s longest-running rap periodical of all time. 

He was also featured in some magazines where he received an award for receiving great public admiration and acknowledgment along with other famous hip-hop and R&B artists for their contributions to the field expanding across the country.

Benzino Net worth

Currently, Benzino garners an estimated approximation of $1million due to his career in creating and selling his music, production, collaborations, endorsement deals, and TV cameos. 

Additionally, to add up to his income was The Source magazine which features rising hip-hop and R&B artists that are starting to build its name. He solidified his name not by winning awards but by winning the hearts of a huge crowd through his quality work.

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