Stone paver ideas to improve your home are endless. However, if you are looking to combine value and beauty, you need to carry out enough research before you settle on a particular stone paver. While you can combine them, it is important to have the right information before you make up your mind.

Not only that, but you will need to also pick a color that completes your home. Stone pavers are easy to work with and you will find a color that suits your preferences. Here is some info on some of the beautiful stone pavers to update your home.

Travertine Pavers

This is one of the most common types of stone used in the construction industry.  Travertine is highly durable and classy.  It has a natural weathered look that makes it ideal for use in a home setup.  It is available in a wide array of colors so there is something to suit different homeowners. It is also highly durable, something every homeowner will appreciate.

Beautiful Stone Pavers to Update Your Home

Bluestone Pavers

Bluestone is highly durable and eye-catching. Bluestone pavers are available in various shapes and sizes. You may choose to cut them in uniform sizes or cut them with irregular shapes for a much natural look.

What you choose to use in your home improvement is a matter of style and taste.  This stone can bear even the harshest of weather and temperature fluctuations.


Granite is a popular natural stone used in renovation projects. It is one of the toughest substances which is a perfect choice for high traffic areas in your home. Due to its durability, it is an ideal choice for courtyards, patios, and decks.


Slate pavers lean more on the decorative side with a vast choice of colours. It is one of the most common paver stone choices because of its beautiful appearance and anti-slip properties.  Its texture is what makes it slip-resistant.  Slate comes in different sizes and is highly durable. It’s used for veneering and tiling.


Sandstone forms due to substantial erosion. Eroded feldspar and quartz particles accumulate overtime to form sandstone. It is a common paving stone that is easy to work with because it’s soft and uniform. Homeowners often use it on verandahs which creates a classy look. Sandstone pavers can also be used in cladding and veering homes.


These are small blocks of paving material that are produced from natural stone. Cobblestone gives a vintage feel to a place as they were more common in the ’70s and can increase the value of your home.  Apart from their high price, a cobblestone service will withstand the harshest of weathers better than any other stone. They also require minimal maintenance.

Flagstone Pavers

These are usually irregular stone pavers cut from the quarry. Depending on the person fixing them, you can achieve unique designs.  Since they do not absorb heat, they will stay cool. They are great for use in a place that receives direct sunlight.

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are usually manufactured in volumes with the use of automated machines. This makes them some of the cheapest pavers on the market. It is also available in various colours.

With pigment dyes, different colours can be achieved. This provides homeowners with the opportunity to get the exact color they want for their homes.


There are so many types of stone pavers to choose from with different properties. Depending on what you want to achieve with your home, there will be something for you. Stone pavers are great features to have in your home and will increase its value tremendously.

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