Despite all the cool apps and gadgets to easily digestible info (e.g., TikTok) we have at our fingertips, the best thing we can rely on to get us through our busy, hectic lives is still our good health.

Eating well-balanced meals, exercising regularly, making time for hobbies and interests—these are all great ways for women of all ages to stay in tip-top shape physically and mentally. But we’re sure you already know that, so we’re here to share four simple, underrated habits for a healthier, happier you.

Pop a Daily Probiotic

Because of how the female anatomy works, women are more likely to get urinary tract infections and have their vaginal pH balance thrown off balance, no matter how careful they are.

You know the usual drill: wipe from front to back, drink lots of water, and cut down on sugar. But if things are still going south down there, you may benefit from a good probiotic supplement like Flora Bloom to get your feminine health back on track.

It contains a blend of prebiotics and probiotics to help keep vaginal pH balanced and prevent bacterial vaginosis. And say goodbye to painful bathroom trips, too, because the supplement also has cranberry extract and D-Mannose that can prevent recurring UTIs.

Pop a Daily Probiotic

Change to Comfy Cotton

Aside from practicing proper feminine hygiene and taking probiotic supplements, the type of fabric you use for your daily underwear is a big deal! Ideally, 100 percent cotton is the best material for undies as it is the most breathable and gentle on the skin. Because your lady parts can breathe easy, there’s less chance of infections that usually thrive under moist conditions. And don’t forget to wear the right size to help keep air circulation flowing down there.

But not all synthetic fabric is terrible for you. On days when you’re working out or expecting to sweat a lot, you can opt for materials that can wick away moisture and dry rapidly, like nylon or polyester, so you don’t have to run around in damp underwear.

Stretching Is Sexy

Most people’s idea of exercise is related to cardio (e.g., walking, jogging, hopping on a treadmill at the gym). Of course, cardio is crucial and helps keep our hearts pumping away at their best, but stretching is just as valuable. As we get older, our joints and muscles can benefit from daily stretching exercises to stay flexible, which can, in turn, help prevent injuries while moving around.

There’s no need to bring out the yoga mats and sports bras. The Internet has tons of stretching routines you can do while sitting down or standing up.

And for those typing away at their computers, our bodies weren’t built to sit for eight hours daily in front of a monitor. Make sure to take breaks and do hand exercises to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

Stretching Is Sexy

Get Into Meditation and Mindfulness

No, there’s no need to block out an entire hour of your day to sit in a lotus pose. A study found that people who did quick meditations that did not exceed 12 minutes daily showed lower anxiety and stress levels!

So instead of a smoke or coffee break, find a quiet spot, pick a five-minute guided meditation video on YouTube, just breathe and be in the moment. We’re sure you’ll come back to whatever you were doing more refreshed and grounded than before.

Mindfulness is also something you can practice even without meditating. It entails paying attention to whatever you are doing at present. For instance, eating mindfully would mean no Netflix or other distractions, just taking your time to savor the flavors and aroma of the food, being grateful for the chance to replenish your body. You know the saying ‘stop and smell the roses’? That’s mindfulness in a nutshell.

Taking time to build healthy habits should be a priority. After all, our well-being is the foundation that will allow us to do what we want in life. Your day might be chock-full of meetings and chores, but setting aside a few minutes for these small practices can make a big difference in the long run.

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