Dogs are loving creatures, we know this. They love affection, food, walks – you name it! However, we know that they don’t love everything. In fact, there are many things that they very proudly show disdain for, the likes of which we will tell in this blog.

Your doggo is thrilled with you for loving them, taking care of them and getting them the best pet insurance, but they are certainly not happy with these things…


Seeing a dog and a possum having a shouting match can be a pretty hectic thing. On one hand, you have a really angry dog, down on the ground and barking its head off at something it just simply doesn’t understand.

On the other hand, you have a rather aggressive possum up a tree, growling at your dog as if it thinks your dog actually possesses the ability to climb the tree and have it out with them.

The best thing to do if your doggo gets in a disagreement with a possum is to simply take it inside. Dogs and possums are stubborn creatures, and neither will back off easily – so take your dog inside and allow them to forget the possum and calm down in their own time!

Being left alone!

Oh, it’s the saddest thing knowing that you might have to leave your doggo alone for even just a couple of hours. We know that it freaks them out, but sometimes we just have places to be, and we can’t be there to scratch their belly all day, every day!

Dogs really hate being left alone: you can tell by the way they behave when you leave and return, let alone their bored behaviour when you’re out. Unfortunately, unless they have a playmate, it’s often part of doggie/owner existence – though we all wish it didn’t have to be.


Your dog – like all dogs – is very sensitive to loud noises. So, you can imagine how unpleasant a loud and rowdy thunderstorm must be for their little ears. Dogs get just as riled up over the crashing sounds of thunder as they do the scampering around of possums, huffing and puffing as they try and make sense (failing every time) of what the wild sounds around them happen to be.

Being ignored

Not that you would anyway, but dogs absolutely hate being ignored. One of the best things in life is a reciprocal, loving relationship between a dog and its owner, and as you might want affection from your dog they want just the same.

Dogs truly hate being ignored, especially by their owners, and it doesn’t take much time out of a day to show them a little love and affection.

Being left out on the food situation

Yes, doggos have strong senses, and the one sense that makes them wilder than all is their sense of smell. If a dog smells something good to eat – especially something it looks the whole fam is enjoying – they will often do whatever they can to get a taste (or a large portion) of it.

This being said, it’s never ideal for dogs to harass you for your dinner, and it’s definitely not a habit you want them developing as they get older. Therefore, it’s always best to instill good eating boundaries between you and your dog, unless you don’t mind them yelping at you throughout every dinner time for years on end!

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