When you are selecting your wedding invitation design, it can mean great excitement and fun. You are looking through the reams of stationery available and trying to select one that is right for your wedding. However, some couples make with their invitation cards, mistakes that could have been easily avoidable.

Here they are. Avoid making these mistakes and your wedding invites can be just right.

Too Much Going On

When you make an invite that has too much going on about it, it is a mistake that could have been easily avoided. Too many couples try to cram in too many things and it can be a disaster. As a couple who is about to get married, there may be things you want to include but doing all of them can be troublesome. Whether it is a photo of the two of you as well as a map and all the other little things, maybe it is better to skip a few.

Too many details or an invite that has too much going on is just not a good idea. Instead, find a design that sticks to your aesthetics and does not try to scream.

Not proofreading

This is a very common mistake people make. It is always better to have a friend or well-wisher go over the wording of the invite. This way you can be assured that there are no grammatical or syntax errors. There are online avenues too where you can check it.

Having spelling and grammatical mistakes on your invite does not mean anything about the event is changed, but it is certainly a mistake that is avoidable.

Writing the Address Yourself

Another easily avoidable mistake is to try and address the envelopes yourself. Your wedding invite stationery will probably do it for you at no extra charge and it is a job best left to the professionals. Addressing envelopes takes time and an eye for detail. One mistake and your guests don’t receive the invite.

Instead, leave this job to the firm you hire.

Too Colourful

Another mistake you must not make is doing your invites with too much colour. There are so many choices of invites available but too much colour can look jarring and take away the elegance of the card.

Instead, go ahead and choose your favourite colours but make sure it is not more than 3 or 5, this will give your invite a classy and much more elegant look. If you are using bright colours, it is best to balance them with pale backgrounds. This will look far superior.

Too Many or Too Few

Many couples make another mistake: ordering too many or too few invitations. This is easily avoidable by doing the headcount first before ordering the invites. Decide exactly how many guests will be invited to the wedding and only then go ahead and place your order. You will also need fewer cards than the number of guests.

This is because you will not be sending separate invites to a couple, you will be sending one. This way you will notice that you will need lesser than you think.

Too Long to RSVP

Don’t give your guests a lot of time to RSVP. Giving them more than 3 or 4 weeks to do so can mean that they completely forget about it. Whether or not they are going to attend the wedding, you need time to know so that you can plan your seating chart in that manner.

Hire Your Wedding Invite Maker Early

It is best to hire a firm like Pietra Paper Design as early as possible. And not just for the invite itself, but for the whole invitation suite. This way you will be paying lesser than what you would if you were to order them one after the other. When you have enough time, the invite maker is also almost certain to do a better job.

Go on and don’t make these mistakes with your wedding invitations. You will thank yourself later by ensuring your invites are done right and also sent out at the right time. It is the perfect start to your wedding planning and can pave the way for a lot lesser headaches later on.

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