Tracy Warbin is the mother of Noah Wyle’s first two children, Owen Strausser and Auden Wyle. As a result of their 2000 marriage, Auden and Owen Strausser was born. Unfortunately, the couple divorced in 2010. Sara Wells is Noah Wyle’s current wife. She looks to be unmarried at this point for her children’s sake.

They get along well with their family.

Two-year-old Owen and one-year-old Auden Wyle, Noah Wyle’s children at the time of their divorce in 2010, were still in diapers. Even though there was no mention of custody, it doesn’t appear that their divorce has had any detrimental impact on their current circumstances. They still beam with pride and joy when they see their parents. It shows that they are still on good terms. Noah’s fan page posted a picture on Instagram celebrating Owen’s 16th birthday.

They were always a part of the show in their father’s eyes. Despicable Me, premiered in 2010, was the first time they were photographed with their parents. Since then, they’ve been photographed countless times with their parents. Although their parents ended up divorcing, they did their best to raise their kids.

In public: Noah Wyle’s ex-wife, Tracy Warbin, and their children

Owen and Auden are still in contact with their father, despite their parents’ separation. Noah Wyle’s family seems to be doing well, as evidenced by their occasionally spotted together. With Frances, Owen and Auden not appearing in public, we’re confident that they’re having a terrific time with their younger half-sister.

Their ages range from mid-teens the too early twenties. As a result, they must be a graduating senior. There are fewer media appearances of Noah’s children than there were before. They appear to be avoiding public criticism.

Owen Strausser Wyle and Auden Wyle are talking to

While the Welsh surname Owen means “young warrior” or “well-born,” it is derived from the historical German province of Altmark, where the surname Strausser comes from.

“Old Friend” means the English name Auden, which is a boy’s name.

Noah Wyle father of Owen Strausser Wyle

“Noah Wyle” There have been many movies, plays, and TV shows with Noah Wyle. He is well known for playing Dr John in the television series ‘R.’ We’ve gotten off to a successful start in “Falling Skies” as a cast member.

Wylé was one of the world’s 50 most beautiful individuals in 2001. He has won accolades. Maybe you’ve heard of Noah Wyle. This article protected everything you need to know about Noah Wyle’s short biographical works, career, personal life, etc. Let’s get started if you’re ready.


Noah Stauer-Speer Wyle is the son of Stauer and Saraire Wyle. On 4 June 1971, he was born in ollуwood, salinas, California.

She finished her schooling. Yes, California is the home of the hacker school. Later on, he travelled to the Northeastern United States to visit family. University of California, Berkeley, and used to participate in the heat racing program. As a result, he used to live in a sooty wood boulevard.

Noah WILSON married Roy WARBIN in 2000. She and Wуle are the parents of Swen story speeder and Sudden Wуle. In 2010, the couple divorced. Sаrа WELLS became his wife in 2014. France’s rarer Wуlе is the daughter of the couple.

It is a member of the sumаn RightsRights Wаtсh Sоunсl, a non-profit organization that supports the DосtоrS оf the Wоrld.

Weight, Height, and Other Personal Details of Noah Wyle

Noah Wyle lived born on June 4, 1971, making him 49 years old as of January 24, 2021. According to this information, his height is 1.85 m, and he weighs 74 kg.

Professional Career

In 1985, Noah Wyle acted in his first feature film. He emerged in the 1991 film ‘Crooked Hearts.’ The following year, he appeared in ‘A Few Good Men.’ Later the same year, he appeared in the movie ‘Swing Kids,’ released in theatres. Following ‘There Goes My Baby,’ he appeared in the film. “White Oleander,” “The Californians,” “Nothing But the Truth,” and “W.” are just a few of Wyle’s acting credits from the 2000s.

He performed in many films. In 2017, he appeared in the movie “Mark Felt.” Wyle starred in the 1990 television series “Blind Faith.” He appeared on the television show ‘ER,’ broadcast from 1994 until 2009. ‘The Librarians’ has cast him as Flynn Carsen since 2014.

Wyle has appeared in several television shows, including ‘Drunk History,’ ‘Phineas and Ferb,’ ‘Beggars and Choosers,’ ‘Family,’ and ‘Sesame Street.’ Aside from “The Librarian,” which he appeared in on television, “Pirates of Silicon Valley” featured him as Steve Jobs in 1999.

Awards and achievements for Noah Wyle

Noah Wyle has received plenty of awards and nominations for his work in the television series. All three awards were given to us, along with a few others. A year later, in 2001, Noah won the best supporting actor award in the IV Guide. The Screen Actors Guild Awards were bestowed upon him in 1997 and 1998, respectively, for his excellent performance in a play.

Nоаh Movie star Wуle is worth a mention in the entertainment industry. Because of over three decades in the industry, we’ve developed exceptional acting skills above and above those of other actors. Wyle is an example of excellence and hard work in our ventures. People are encouraged by this story to include excellence in their work to achieve brilliant success.

Noah Wyle’s Net Worth and Income

Do you want to find out how much Noah Wyle is worth? Salary and assets are frequently subject to fluctuation. The data in the table is current, so you can see what people possess and make. This section contains a slew of hotly debated topics. It’s estimated that Noah Wyle has a net worth of $22 million.

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