In 2001, Toby Stephens and Anna-Louise Plowman, a beautiful couple, got engaged. Toby’s credits include The Machine and Lost in Space, while his girlfriends include Black Sails and Holby City. Both performers are professional actors. Besides being talented actors, they have three beautiful children.

As previously known, Toby and Anna got married in London in 2001, where they had been living. Eli Alistair Stephens was born because of God’s providence, and he is a beautiful young man. Kura and Tallulah Stephens were born later.

His son, Eli Stephens, grew up in the house

Eli was born on May 16, 2007. Second, only to see his true love, Anna, Toby said that his son’s birth was the best thing that ever happened to him. She also gives her three children a bedtime tale before they go to sleep each night.

An allergy to walnuts exists in Anna-Louise Plowman’s son, Eli Plowman. In a previous Facebook post, his mother thanked the entire Evelina team for helping to ease her son’s allergy to peanuts. Eli Alistair Stephens’ godfather, British dramatist Simon Gray, is another interesting fact regarding Toby Stephens’ kid.

Eli’s caring parents, Toby and Anna, spend time with him. Getty Images supplied the photograph.

It’s also worth noting that, like any mother, Anna is fiercely protective of her kids. She steers clear of questions regarding her children when doing an interview. We can only imagine how eager she is to share details about her children with us, and for that, we applaud her. As a mother, she has done a tremendous job raising her two gorgeous children.

The daughters of Kura and Tallulah are named Kura and Tallulah.

Tallulah, Toby, and Anna welcomed Tallulah into their family a few months after their first kid. Kura was born in September 2010. Anna-Louise Plowman’s daughters are gorgeous.

Couple Toby and Anna with their adorable daughter, Kura. Getty Images supplied the photograph.

It was easy to see the parents’ pleasure as they strolled about Meridian Gardens with their little daughters. Tallulah was seen clutching her father’s hand while her mother, Anna, carried her baby son, Kura, in her arms.

How Tody and Anna’s Kids’ Names Mean

“High, or my God” is the meaning of Anna-Louise Plowman’s son Eli Alistair Stephens’ Hebrew name. Alistair is a Greek word that means “protector of man” in English.

‘Tallulah Stephens’, the Native American given name of Toby Stephens’ daughter, means ‘leaping water.’ Kura Stephens translates to “treasure house” in Japanese.

Toby Stephens


On April 21, 1969, Toby Stephens was born in the United Kingdom. Antonio and Cleopatra; Measure for Measure; Coriolanus were some of his notable roles in the theatre. Toby Stephens was born under the sign of Taurus, according to astrology.

Toby Stephens (born April 21, 1969) is an English actor who has worked on stage, screen, radio, and television in the United Kingdom, the United States, and India. He’s most recognized for his roles as Bond villain Gustav Graves in 2002’s Die Another Day, Edward Fairfax Rochester in the BBC’s Jane Eyre, and Captain Flint in Starz’s drama series Black Sails. Lost in Space, a Netflix sci-fi series that premiered in 2018, stars Stephens.


As Hamlet in Sally Potter’s 1992 picture ‘Orlando,’ Stephens began his film career. As a result, he has appeared frequently on television and the stage, including on ‘The Calendula Lawn. Edward Fairfax Rochester was played by Toby Stephens in a BBC television version of Jane Eyre.

The Starz series ‘Black Sails,’ in which Stephens played Captain Flint, also featured him. Netflix’s science-fiction series Lost in Space, which debuted in 2018, featured Toby Stephens as one of its main characters. In Alex Rider’s second season, Stephens appeared as Damian Cray in 2021.


It’s All Well That Ends Well awarded him the Ian Charleson Awards for Best Actor in 1992. Coriolanus (Royal Shakespeare Company) won him the Sir John Gielgud Award for Best Actor in 1994. (Lincoln Center Theater).

Toby Stephens has a net worth that is a lot of money

He is one of Hollywood’s wealthiest and most adored performers. Toby Stephens has an estimated net worth of $4 million, as determined by our research, that of Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.

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