It just takes a split second for an accident to happen and a lifetime to forget it! Accidents are unforeseeable, but they are also avoidable. A minute of caution might help you say goodbye to regrets.

Safety signs are one such technique for avoiding accidents. Safety signs in Australia emphasise the significance of worker safety. It is essential in the workplace since it prepares workers for any potential hazards.

According to statistics, between 2003 and 2018, over 3751 people were killed on the job in Australia.

A company must ensure that its employees are warned of potential risks in the workplace. To do this, they can place safety notice boards wherever they are needed.

Why signboards for warning?

Anyone will lose their cool in the face of a life-threatening situation. Then, it gets difficult to think further. Psychologically, nervousness and terror will take hold. So, a path out of the danger zone can be beneficial. In such circumstances, signboards are chosen since they provide a visual illustration.

Any layperson would comprehend it since it conveys a clear message about what can and cannot be done. The message may be disseminated more quickly with a signboard!

Putting up signboards at one’s business demonstrates how concerned one is about the safety of their employees. Furthermore, it lessens one’s liability for any disaster that occurs.

Though these signboards might help you avoid danger, understanding what they signify is crucial. In Australia, there are six types of safety signs.

1.The MUST DO signs

These are signals indicating an obligatory precaution that the authorities must take. Typically, these boards are blue and white. In addition, a blue circle is seen, containing a white symbol.

2.The CAN’T DO signs

It is one of the most frequent kinds of sign boards that most people are familiar with.The sign is depicted by a red circle with a cross-line above it, symbolising an activity. It implies that one must avoid the specified conduct. These are known as restriction signs, and the most popular one is the ‘NO ENTRY’ sign, which is shown where public entry is not permitted.

3.The HURT YOU signs

It is a warning sign, and anyone who sees one should be cautious. These signs warn of a potential hazard that may be in one’s path. These dangers, however, may be harmful or damaging but not life-threatening. A “HURT YOU” sign is depicted on a yellow backdrop with a black triangle enclosing the dangerous behaviour.

4.The KILL YOU signs

These are signals that can alert you to a potentially fatal peril. They are usually referred to as the ‘Danger Sign.’ A KILL YOU sign is depicted by a red oval with the word danger in bold inside a black rectangle. It’s essential to keep a lookout for these warning signs, as they can lead to deadly consequences.

5.The FIRE EQUIP signs

Fires seem to be growing more frequently these days. FIRE EQUIP signboards assist in identifying fire alarms and extinguishers in a specific region. A fire sign is depicted on a red backdrop with white lettering and a pictogram of a fire hose. The danger of a fire mishap is reduced by following these signboards to locate crucial pieces of equipment.

6.The SAFETY FIRST signs

People appear to panic in times of disaster. Emergency exits and their directions are typically depicted on safety first boards. Signboards with a green backdrop and white lettering and symbols aid in safety precautions. In an emergency, it is always a good idea to keep an eye out for green boards.

Aside from these safety signs in Australia, one must ensure that there is adequate safety equipment accessible. Making emergency exits and having a fire alarm are both necessary workplace safety precautions. Workplace signboards are visual lifesavers!


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