Turning your home into a fashion gallery has never been easier now that many fashion houses have launched their own furniture brands.

The available pieces from each brand can help you turn your house into a magazine-ready living space. Here is a room-by-room guide to help you create the perfect living space in every room of your home.


A kitchen that is full of color and style can take any meal from bland to delicious. Bright colors such as red, orange, and yellow are perfect for a kitchen, and some designers even say that those colors can make you feel hungrier.

If you don’t want to paint the walls, try looking for plates and chargers in reds and yellows. Round out the color scheme with complementary colors such as blue and green. The new Casa line from Dolce and Gabbana features a bold color scheme perfect for kitchens in their Carreto collection.

Living Room

Your living room should be a place of comfort and coziness. To achieve that, drop the bright bold colors of the kitchen and opt instead for a soothing mix of blues, grays, and whites to turn your living room into a haven of relaxation.

Try painting one wall a different color to add visual interest, such as using a darker color on the wall behind your TV. Then, add functional smaller pieces, such as trays for snacks, coasters for drinks, and even soft blankets in matching colors. The Blu Mediterraneo collection within Casa may have everything that you’re looking for.

Dining Room

For parties and holidays, the dining room may be where all the action is. You’ll want to create an environment that is hospitable to eating but that also offers plenty of talking points. Tie in the colors of the kitchen with the place settings or with placemats.

Then, add to the table fine wine pitchers, silverware, and linen napkins. Round out the room with wall hangings. A smaller room may benefit from a mirror to create the illusion of more space, while a larger room may need a larger table to avoid feeling too bare. Bring light into the room with a beautiful chandelier and you’ll have your guests eating out of your hand.


Like the living room, you likely want your bedroom to be a place of ultimate relaxation. Start by controlling the light. Too bright of a room can impede your rest, after all. If you have a lot of windows, curtains that diffuse the light or even block it entirely may be your new best friend.

Throw some throw pillows on your bed to give you plenty of places to lay your head. Add a rug or two to the floor to give your feet a comfortable place to land. Rugs can also help dampen sound from lower floors, so they’re perfect for bedrooms on upper floors or in apartments. Finally, consider having a notebook by your bedside. This will let you jot down any late-night ideas, write about your day, or help you get organized for tomorrow.


One final room that’s worth decorating well is the bathroom. Whether it’s your private bathroom or one that’s available for guests, you’ll want to make this room feel as welcoming and safe as possible. Soft fluffy towels and a luxurious robe can make bathtime feel like a day at the spa. Adding some scented candles can elevate your experience and help cover any unpleasant odors.

Decorating each room to fit its core function and your unique sense of style will help make your home the perfect haven as well as the most stylish place on the block. Opting for high-end pieces can bring in the perfect finishing touches of craftsmanship and class.

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