Living with Multiple Sclerosis sure isn’t easy for the diagnosed patient. But you can still make everyday life more comfortable for them, by giving them these thoughtful and useful gifts.

How To Know If A Gift Is Suitable For MS Patients

As one of the most common neurological conditions worldwide, multiple sclerosis affects the patient’s ability to control their body. People who are diagnosed will bear symptoms such as difficulties in moving, blurred vision, and numbness of their body parts.

This is because the patient’s immune system is attacking the myelin – the part that’s in charge of protecting your nerves. When your nerves are being damaged, your brain can’t send proper signals to the corresponding body parts, thus making you unable to control them like you used to.

Multiple sclerosis affects different people at different levels. But in general, fatigue, numbness in the limbs and muscle weakness are some of the common struggles MS patients have to endure.

Now that you know the difficulties in the life of a multiple sclerosis patient, it’s easier to find out what they would love to have. It should be something that can help them move around easier, give them better sleep and reduce their pain. At the same time, a gift that sends encouraging messages would also be wonderful.

In addition, many people with MS are very sensitive to sudden changes in their surroundings as well, such as the temperature or stress level. With all the info above in mind, you can surely find a great gift for your loved one who has multiple sclerosis.

Essential oils and scented candles

7 Gift Ideas For MS Patients

1. MS Awareness apparel

What’s a better way to motivate the multiple sclerosis patient than getting matching supportive shirts for you two? On sites like Hyperfavor, there are many options for MS awareness clothing for you to freely choose from. The apparel is made with quality designs and premium fabric, giving you the utmost delight when wearing.

These lovely multiple sclerosis awareness shirts don’t only show how much you care for the patient. They are also giving information to other people who have yet to know how much this illness can affect their health. A gift that’s both meaningful and practical, don’t you think?

2. Weighted blanket

In recent years, the popularity of weighted blankets has remarkably risen – and we can clearly see the reason why. These special items work wonders in helping you sleep and reduce your anxiety.

By stimulating your nervous system with the added weight, the blanket feels like a gentle massage to your body. These therapeutic effects can solve fatigue problems caused by multiple sclerosis. Patients now find better relaxation and better state of mind.

3. Entertainment

To be more precise, anything that can help the multiple sclerosis sufferer to enjoy and relax in the comfort of their home would be a great gift. Living with MS means spending a lot of time indoors, and making those times enjoyable is definitely a must.

Other than a good audio book or subscription to a streaming service, you can easily find other forms of home entertainment that are similarly enjoyable. Board games, puzzles or video games can help a MS patient to temporarily forget their daily struggle and focus on having fun.

At the same time, you can surely take them out for a movie or a ball game sometimes. They would be thrilled to know that you love spending time with them.

4. Essential oils and scented candles

Another type of therapy that’s very popular recently, aromatherapy provides both mental wellness and relief of stiffness to the MS patient. It has been proven that by stimulating a specific part in your brain called the hippocampus, specific scents will have unique benefits on your body.

If you wish for the patient to be able to relax and sleep better, then lavender and chamomile would be the best choices of scent. And if the patient is suffering from pain, ginger and basil oil will do the job.

5. A therapy session

If the MS patient you know isn’t able to attend therapy regularly, surprise them by giving them a wellness experience. Massages or acupuncture are great remedies for chronic pain like multiple sclerosis. However, you should also consult with a doctor who knows the patient’s condition well, in order to determine which therapy works for them.

6. Household gadgets

Doing chores is undoubtedly a pain for people suffering from multiple sclerosis. Thus, they would very much appreciate any gadgets that would make their everyday tasks less stressful.

There are choices of kitchen appliances such as a slow cooker or an air fryer. A robotic vacuum that helps them clean the house with just a push of a button would also be nice. Or you can just offer to clean the house for them – they would definitely love the gesture.

7. A selection of tea

As mentioned, people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis usually love staying indoors because of their condition. This will give them plenty of time to enjoy a good cup of tea. There are also tea blends that are specifically made for chronic pain and help boost the patient’s mental relaxation. Make sure to check them out!

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