WWE or world wrestling entertainment is an American sports-based media and entertainment company. Their shows are broadcasted worldwide, which has led them to garner some of the most passionate and fiery fans. Since its start in the 1950s, WWE has not been the same as it was.

It has undergone several modifications over the decades, and we see it in its latest form today with several recent and exciting shows as well as new superstars. With ‘Wrestlemania’ being the most popular and longest-running event of WWE, it has various other weekly and annually airing events such as ‘Monday night raw’ and ‘Smackdown’.

Although television shows are extremely popular, what’s often not talked about are the live WWE events. Watching your favorite entertainment sport in person can be a fascinating experience if you’re a true WWE enthusiast.

It’s a pity that all live events were suspended due to the COVID-19 outbreak. However, now that the lockdown has been lifted, you have a chance to experience a WWE live event again. You might have watched WWE on TV all your life, but attending it in person can be a thrill you can’t miss out on.

You might be wondering what’s so special about them or why you should attend a live WWE event. Brace yourself because you are about to find out!

1. Better value for money

Watching a live WWE match provides an excellent entertainment opportunity to wrestling buffs without needing them to spend too much. Considering the experience it offers, the ticket price is negligible in comparison. So buy a cheap WWE smackdown ticket, pick your friends who share a similar passion for the show and head to the sports venue for a memorable event.

You will get to watch your favorite wrestling stars combat in the ring even before the event becomes available on pay-per-view platforms or television!

2. Access to house shows

House shows are non-televised matches that are conducted before the live matches to build up the heat between wrestlers, so when they lock horns during the televised match, they are pumped up enough to fight.

The televised match might be the first game between two wrestlers when airing on TV, but you know otherwise if you are present at the venue physically.

These matches aren’t related to a specific storyline development, so the fights are more authentic, and wrestlers have more freedom with their moves. Thus, fans get a more realistic and raw experience, which they can’t have on TV.

3. Surprise appearances by WWE legends

You would probably have seen a surprise entry by a WWE legend or a Hall of Famer on TV, but watching them live is an out-of-the-world experience.

The intimacy of seeing them making their entrance right in front of you, with lights fluctuating and their special song bursting in your ears, will give you kind of an adrenaline rush. Sounds cool, right? You can’t miss out on such an experience, can you? Well, attend a live event!

4. Meeting other WWE enthusiasts

The most beautiful thing you will experience at a live WWE event is the electric atmosphere and energetic environment. Watching WWE on TV alone at home or with a few friends is nothing compared to experiencing it live amongst hundreds and thousands of passionate fans.

The cheering and screaming of the fans for their favorite wrestlers will give you goosebumps. Even if you stay quiet during the power-packed performances, enchanted by the moves of your favorite wrestler, you can interact with other fans as much as you want while in the queue and before or after the match.

You will find so many people you can talk to about your favorite wrestlers and matches for as long as you want. And the best part, both of you will be enjoying the conversation.

5. Watching non-stop action

Watching WWE on TV can have several interruptions that you might not find pleasing. Regular and repetitive commercials, unnecessary and boring backstage segments, short fights because of time constraints, distractions at home, etc.

However, when watching it live, you won’t have to worry about any of these things. The fights will be longer, and there will be no annoying breaks for commercials. Also, if you are streaming the match online at home, there can be connectivity issues that can leave you frustrated and angry. Hence proving that live events is better than seeing the matches on TV or online.

6. Entry into Dark matches

When a WWE broadcast is ended on TV, it’s normal to expect that there’s nothing more left to it, so the viewer moves on. But that’s not actually true.

When attending a live WWE event, the event goes well past the end of the broadcast. After the broadcast ends, ‘dark matches’ are conducted off the air to satisfy fans that bought the tickets and came all the way.

These dark matches often feature famous WWE stars and are sometimes even more entertaining than the actual event. Talk about sending the audience home happy!

The bottom line:

All in all, attending a live WWE event is a lot more fascinating, thrilling and affordable. Those WWE fans who have attended the live shows acknowledge that experiencing it in person is much more entertaining than watching it on TV or pay-per-view.

It is a must-visit event for you if you love loud and thrilling places filled with a lot of energetic people. If you’re still in doubt about it, our advice would be, “don’t think too much and just give it a shot. You won’t regret it!”

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