Purchasing anything big for your home can often come with twinges of excitement as well as anxiety because you don’t want to make a mistake or get yourself a dud and end up right back where you are now. When you’re looking to buy a new furnace, there are likely to be lots of different criteria on your mind. If it’s been a while, you’re likely wondering how things might have been updated over the past several years.

You’ll probably be thinking about the cost as well because a solid furnace unit and installation can usually last homeowners anywhere from 10 – 15 years, so it’s not usually a cheap buy. Also, another thing that might be on your mind is the different kinds of furnace repair that might be needed down the line because those are bound to happen and can add up in price as well.

If you find yourself feeling worried and thinking about all of the different scenarios for what could stump you up along the way, let’s dig into 6 mistakes to avoid when buying a new furnace.

Mistake #1: Not stopping to compare prices

This one can be tough, especially for those bargain hunters out there! It can be very easy to see the word sale and immediately think of the extra money you’ll have in your pocket after your big purchase.

According to Fix Furnace in Toronto, the thing is though, there could be all sorts of reasons why you’ve found a furnace on sale. It could be one of the older models or it could even come from a low-quality contractor who is simply looking to get rid of some stock.

With a home purchase like this, it’s always best to spend at least a couple of weeks shopping around and really feeling out what the best furnace is for your home and what it is you’re looking for. Also, it’s good to note down where exactly you’re getting it from and what their installation costs are like, as you want a registered contractor for something of this magnitude.

Mistake #2: Not checking out the furnace contractor for good reviews & testimonials

checking out the furnace contractor

Another mistake to avoid when buying a new furnace is to not take the time to check the customer reviews on a few furnace installation companies and contractors.

The thing about living in this modern digital age is that we’re very lucky to be able to have review sites such as Google My Business or Homestars where you have pertinent information about customer service, pricing, efficiency, and everything else you might consider important when hiring out for home maintenance work.

Check in on some of these sites and even look on the contractors’ websites themselves as they can be a decent source of information as well.

Mistake #3: Not reading about new high-efficiency options

As we said before, if it’s been about 10 – 15 years since you bought your last furnace, things have changed a lot since then. Even just 10 years ago, there likely would have been furnaces on the market which had more of the energy produced by natural gas expelled as exhaust.

Nowadays, you can find quality furnaces with an AFUE rating of 95%, which means it takes less fuel (or natural gas in most cases) to heat your home. It can save you money in the long run and is also good for the environment. So, it’s definitely worth it to check out what’s happening in the world of furnaces in 2021.

Mistake #4: Not signing up for some sort of maintenance plan

Another common mistake made among homeowners who are looking to purchase a new furnace is to not sign up for or include in the cost, a proper maintenance plan. Since your furnace is something in your home that can constantly be running, it’s important to think about what you might do if things need fixing or it breaks down.

If you go with a reputable and experienced contractor for your new furnace, they will likely be able to offer you some kind of maintenance plan that you can sign up for to ensure everything will be taken care of and fixed without spending a ton of extra money.

Mistake #5: Not going with a registered contractor

Not going with a registered contractor

Another mistake to avoid when purchasing a new furnace is going with an inexperienced or uncertified contractor simply because they have cheaper installation fees.

You want to look for a furnace installer who advertises proof of certification and proper licensing because furnace installations, as well as repairs, are a tricky business. Plus, if they are certified and licensed, they might be able to help you out in getting a government rebate when they take out your old furnace and install your new high-efficiency furnace.

Mistake #6: Not speaking to an expert beforehand

Lastly, be sure to reach out to an expert throughout your furnace buying journey. A solid furnace contractor and expert will be able to tell you all about any new high-efficiency furnaces on the market as well as some of the pros and cons in going with either a gas, electric or oil furnace.

They’ll also be able to tell you about pricing and how long the installation could take or even the right size furnace for your home, if you want to switch things up. Also, they’ll be able to point out what repairs might pop up down the line and what kind of maintenance you’ll be looking at with your new furnace.

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