While a water tank may never be the most aesthetically pleasing part of your home, it still stands as one of the most functional. Once you start having a water tank at home, you’ll notice the difference in how convenient it is to have one.

Moreover, water tanks now come with lots of price options and sizes, making them even more affordable for everyone. This means you’ll see more water tanks in more homes than you’ve done in the past. Since it has become a household staple, homeowners are confused as to how to position it and what to do with it.

That said, you must find ways to make your garden’s water tank less of an eyesore. Below are some of the best tips on transforming your water tank into an attractive garden feature.

Attractive Garden Feature

1. Camouflage Your Water Tank

Regardless of the size of your water tank, it can be difficult to conceal, given how it awkwardly sticks out in your garden. Topping this list of how to make it look better in your garden is to camouflage it. This doesn’t mean painting it in camouflage colors per se, but rather painting it such that it blends in better with its surroundings in your garden.

For instance, your water tank is positioned against your shed, painted in black. Instead of keeping it in its original color, repaint your water tank with the same black paint used for your shed. That way, there’s a sense of coherence, where your water tank now looks like it belongs.

2. Create A Vertical Garden

Hiding a water tank behind trees may be more dangerous than you think. The falling branches can damage your water tank, costing you so much for repairs and replacement. Imagine the inconvenience of waking up one day to freezing cold water because of water tank problems brought about by your trees and shrubs. Hence, it’s not recommended to plant directly in your water tank or to have big plants too close to it.

What you can do instead is to build a vertical garden. You can hire a tradesperson to help you build the base for your vertical garden, or you can also do this as a DIY project. There are so many ideas for vertical garden bases you can follow all over the Internet.

Ideally, you’ll have vines to grow on the base of your vertical garden. Or, you can take it up a notch higher by having hanging or wall planters attached to your vertical garden base so that you can have different kinds of plants in those pots. You may even use this to plant small vegetables and herbs to have your own at home.

3. Transfer It Out Of View

If your home’s layout and fence height allow it, re-position your tank, so it’s out of the way. Alternatively, you can also position it where there’s less foot traffic. This is a better change than where it might be right now, where it’s in plain sight with guests during gatherings you host in your garden.

To make it look better, you can install a slim line tank instead, so it’s not taking up so much space. After, build a pergola or roof over the whole side of the property where the tank is located. This conceals it even more as the pergola draws attention out of the tank.

4. Build A Shed Or Garage Around It

Ideally, you’ll want your water tank to be placed in your service area. In some properties, this is where the laundry area, clothesline, and auxiliary kitchen are if you have one. It’s a big project to undergo, but building a shed or garage around your water tank is the best way to conceal it.

When the water tank has its own home, it’s easier from your end to decorate and landscape your garden. There’s no tank to think of, it’s as if the tank is hidden inside a structure identical to the rest of the main house.

5. Screen Them

Conceal the water tanks with a fence or screen. This is a no-fail way to make your garden look more put-together. A wooden fence is always a good idea, especially if the style and color are the same as the rest of the fence around your property.

Don’t worry if the fence is higher than the rest of the property. A good landscaper can always make the most of that new fence around the water tank to use it as a background for positioning a few plants in front. Finish it off with the right lighting, and no one will even know the fence was there to hide a nuisance in the first place.

Final Tips

These days, homeowners and their respective architects and designers are becoming more creative with positioning their water tanks in the garden. Every nook and cranny of a home is well-thought-of, especially when it comes to something as unattractive as your water tank. You can design it to hug walls, build a fence around it, repaint it, or do whatever you want with your water tank for as long as you’re happy with how it fits your garden better. The tips above should give you enough inspiration to start this project.

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