Flowers have been one of the best things for people to show love to their partners. Flowers show warm feelings and make the moment romantic and special. If you want to show your heartfelt emotions to your love, you should choose the right flower.

In today’s digital world, you can also order from online flower delivery Dubai and present it to your romance. However, you might get confused about which flowers to give because you will find a lot of options. In this article, you will learn about the top five flowers for her.

5 Types of Flowers for Your Girlfriend

If you are looking for the best flowers for your love, these five types of flowers are meant to cherish the moment with love and romance.


The first thing that comes to mind when we think of giving flowers to our loved ones is red roses. Even though you will find roses in many colors, choosing deep red roses will be best because it shows deep emotions and love to your partner.

You can give roses on a variety of occasions. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding day, anniversary day, or Valentine’s day, you can present red roses to your partner. You can give a warm message saying ‘I love you so much my sweetheart’ by presenting the bouquet of red roses.

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Tulips come in a wide range of colors, including white, red, purple, pink, and yellow. If you think your girlfriend is lucky for you, this is a great choice of flower. You can give these flowers on your birthday, Valentine’s day and for a new relationship.

Tulips symbolize love and a feeling of apology. Since a tulip bouquet is an idea for a new relationship, you can give your crush a date by saying, ‘I’m so happy that we met and I look forward to having more dates like the one that we just had.’


If you want to make her feel exotic, orchids are the best choice. Since these flowers symbolize charisma, love, hope, they will make her feel so special and uplifting. You will find a variety of colors of orchids. So, you can choose from different colors to present to your lover.

If you are celebrating her birthday or presenting flowers on Valentine’s day, you can choose Orchids. When you give her the flowers, you can say, ‘you are beautiful, delicate, and precious like these orchids, I think of you when I see these flowers.’


Do you want to celebrate your love for staying together for many years? If yes, then you should take camelia flowers for your love because it symbolizes the faithfulness and longevity of your relationship. Although it’s a native flower of China and Japan, you will find it in your country too.

Choose a flower or a bouquet of red shade or pink camelia on your anniversary or any other special day. When you hand over the flowers to your love, you can say that ‘you are my long-lasting love and I want you to be with you forever.’

Pastel Carnation

Is your partner or crush introverted or subdued? If yes, you can take pastel carnation flowers for your love. If you admire your love, you can go with a pink pastel carnation. White paste carnation symbolizes pure love.

So, you can choose the color according to what you want to convey. Carnation can be a great choice if you are celebrating the birthday of your love. On her birthday, you can present this flower by saying, ‘Happy birthday my sweetheart, you’re the best.’

Final Words

If you want to propose to your crush or you want to go on a date, you can present these flowers or an appealing bouquet to your girlfriend. You cannot go wrong when you choose any of these flowers for your loved one. Make your partner feel special and romantic with these flowers. Apart from these, you can also learn about different flowers for different people.

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