If you daydream about the day when you’ll move to Alabama, you’re in the right place. This Southern state has a lot to offer, historically, culturally, and lifestyle-wise.

For instance, one of the landmarks, Fort Morgan, is a history masonry star fort named after Revolutionary War hero Danial Morgan. The fort played a key role in August 1864, during the Battle of Mobile Bay.

The location is a bonus, as the site also has fantastic outdoor areas to explore (e.g., beaches, a boat launch, picnic area).

Here are the top five reasons to give you a push to turn your wish into reality.

  • Lower Living Costs

Living in Alabama is more affordable than living in other states, as living costs are lower. Unlike other places, it doesn’t have a reputation for rising prices on real estate.

You’ll find reasonable prices due to great deals in cities and urban areas.

Living in Alabama allows you to see the beautiful mix of old and new: from outside a building, you can see traditional architecture, and from the inside, a modern, stylish loft and for a low price.

In addition, Alabama has one of the lowest tax burdens in America, according to a study. So you can expect low taxes related to gas, state income, and property.

  • The Local Gastronomy

There might be Southern food restaurants across the country, but the typical, tasty, home-cooked meals are a southern delicacy.

Alabama is undoubtedly the best place to get grits and hush puppies. Oh, and don’t forget the fried green tomatoes as a delicious side. Not a fan? Get some fried pickles.

Also, the homemade country gravy is exceptional. Once you have it, you won’t ever buy the instant ones because you’ll know it doesn’t even come close.

If you’re a dessert lover, you’ll be in the right place. The typical biscuits with chocolate gravy are immaculate: it gives anyone who tastes them a sense of nostalgia and comfort.

Do you want to find the best places in Alabama to eat? Then, consider going to the traditional ”The Bright Start Restaurant” for tasty seafood and the ”Rattlesnake Saloon” (located on the path inside a cave) to enjoy delicious burgers and a unique atmosphere.

If you’re a ”foodie”, the local gastronomy alone gives you enough reasons to move.

  • Avoid Stressing Out

We all know some places (like LA, Atlanta, Manhattan) have a reputation for horrible traffic during rush hours.

Yes, you’ll find yourself in traffic in this state if there’s a wreck. But luckily, in Alabama, traffic is very minimal.

While rush hour still happens in Alabama, unlike other places, it’s tolerable.

If you’re planning a move, you might consider Liberty Properties to make this life change a bit easier.

  • Better to Connect With Nature

If there’s something we all learned during the pandemic is that being outdoors is precious and that we shouldn’t take it for granted.

Alabama will certainly please nature enthusiasts as it has mountains, forests, beaches, wetlands, and caves.

The Midlands might not be the most incredible place for scenic views. Yet, you’re not far from any kind of wilderness (just a day trip away) worth exploring.

You’ll be able to experience different recreational activities, such as camping, hiking, and fishing. Trying new things is always good.

  • Southern Hospitality is Awesome

People will make you feel more welcome when you move to Alabama, as they are very friendly in this Southern state.

They might not know you, yet they will still ask how you’re doing and chat with you in the supermarket queue. Moving to Alabama means that, when you go shopping, you’ll be in for a treat, as people always hold the door open.

Certainly, people’s kindness in this state is remarkable.

Move to Alabama

Living in Alabama is fantastic because it’s a very versatile state, which has a strong appeal for; food lovers, nature enthusiasts, those that want affordable living, adventure seekers, and more.

Are you interested in moving to this area? Check out the rest of our website for more information about our outstanding rentals.

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