A man always strives to have a beautiful haircut and beard. There are several brands of shaving machines such as Philips, Andis, and many more. You want a shaving machine that is going to make your skin as smooth as having just applied Korean Sunscreen

Here are some of the most prominent machines that will do just that. 

1-Philips QT 4005 Beard Trimmer 

The Philips QT 4005 Beard Trimmer comes with a unique design that makes you shave with complete comfort and smoothness.

This wonderful shaver is characterized by high precision from 0.5 mm to 10 mm and easy selection and navigation between the different length modes by changing the wheel path to get the appropriate length from a short beard to a long one. It comes with a feature that helps you not harm your body. Its blades will always stay very sharp to help cut easily. 

2-Dingling RF-609C 

Dingling RF-609C professional hair shaver for men is made of the finest types of stainless steel and comes above all with a distinctive, elegant, and durable design. It comes with an internal battery with an excellent capacity that can be recharged in a short period. The machine has two different speeds with 5 levels of hair cutting.

It comes with extras attached to the machine, such as a charger, 5 clippers of different sizes, a  charging base, and a brush to clean it. The shaver comes with an advanced haircut feature with a permanent and sharp adjustable blade and a small built-in processor that enables you to control the speed of the blade. Knowing that the blade is made of stainless steel and thus guarantees you a stable and very accurate shave. In addition, the wireless technology in the device makes it easy to use at any time and place.

3-BABE 750 S D E

This hair clipper is all equipped with modern technology for a faster and more straightforward haircutting experience. The two adjustable 3-36mm combs allow you to sculpt and trim your style.

The machine comes equipped with an internal rechargeable battery and includes a charging holder and a cleaning brush. This hair clipper has fast-moving blades and is made of stainless steel. Its self-lubricating, removable and easy-to-wash blades are suitable for long hair.

4-Mayes-M Z ​​- 1238

This shaver comes with an internal rechargeable battery of excellent power and a large capacity. The machine is easy to save and clean. It comes with special accessories such as a small brush, an oil box to clean it after use, and multiple clippers.

5- Geepas G T R 8126

This shaver comes with unparalleled quality and precision in design. This shaver comes with an internal battery with a large capacity that will facilitate the haircutting process.

Thanks to its power! The battery is rechargeable, which makes the use of the shaver easy and comfortable without wires. It also comes with four levels and degrees of shaving. It has heads that can be attached with it gradually during cutting. Moreover, the machine comes with an electric current of 220 – 240 volts.

6-Braun Series 9 9293 

The Braun Series 9 9293 shavers is considered the best electric shaver on the market today, as it supports the water resistance feature, the blades provide 40,000 movements per minute, and its rotating head can move in 10 directions according to the curves of the head and face, and it features a motor that provides enough energy to cut wet hair.

It comes with an independent charging base and a rechargeable battery that provides a use time of up to 50 minutes on a single charge. It has a lock to prevent it from turning on when it is inside the bag.

The shaver is available on Amazon for $226.

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