With new forms of the COVID 19 pandemic constantly developing, it’s hard to tell when we might all be forced to stay inside again. Even without the threat of the COVID 19 pandemic, some days you just can’t get out of the house.

If you have kids, you need to come up with fun activities that you can engage in indoors on a rainy day. But indoor entertainment isn’t easy.

This article will walk you through some indoor fun activities and fun ideas you can make use of with your kids.

1. Board Games 

Nothing screams indoor entertainment like a board game. With the right game, kids can let their imaginations take over and forget they’re inside at all.

The key is to find a game that has a combination of luck and strategy. You can go with the classic games like Sorry, Monopoly, Trouble, Candy Land, etc, or you can get a little more creative and go into the world of hobby gaming.

Games like Codenames, Cattan, and Betrayal at House on the Hill are perfect, sophisticated games for kids who might be getting a little older.

2. Scrapbook

Are your kids a little more arts-oriented? Why not embrace their artistic side and create a scrapbook.

All it takes is to pick out a theme and then to go hunting. Supply a collection of magazines, advertisements, old newspapers, old picture books, etc, that can help the world of the scrapbook come together.

3. Foosball 

A staple of arcades around the world, foosball is one of the most fun home sports games out there.

Foosball is especially interesting to kids because it’s tough to get an initial handle on. To win, you have to get a grasp on how to make the board bend to your will, which isn’t easy. This gets the kids invested — they like to figure these things out.

You’re going to want to make sure you get yourself a good foosball table though. To ensure this, check out these foosball table reviews.

4. Baking Cookies 

Baking cookies is great because your kids get to enjoy the process as well as the product. Kids love cookies, and they love working with their hands as well. Assign them different tasks to make sure that they feel like their work is really contributing to creating a great cookie.

5. Dance Party

Who doesn’t love to dance? If there’s a particular style of music or artist that your kids like to listen to, why not let them dance to it?

You can encourage this by finding similar artists, and providing whacky, over-the-top dance costumes.

Check Out These Indoor Entertainment Options

Indoor entertainment options are not quite as obvious as activities you can engage with when you go out. However, if you use the above options, you’re sure to have a great time with your family.

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