Did you know that the moving business is now worth $18 billion? Every year we have people moving across town, city, or the country. It created demand because more people travel from one place to another.

Are you planning a move this coming month? Before you move, prepare yourself and create a checklist for moving.

We listed five essentials you need to have when moving. Read what we have below and learn more.

1. Make a Moving Binder

Your first task before hiring movers is to create a moving binder. Here, you can organize your items and help you decide what to do with them. The binder is multipurpose as a moving checklist to help you track your items.

Here, you can keep track of bills and documents needed for moving out. Items you don’t need can go to a garage sale or throw them away. It ensures that you miss nothing and know what to do with the extra items.

2. Measure Your Items

Start measuring the confirmed items you will bring. You can organize your stuff before packing them into boxes. Measuring now helps you later with fitting your belongings to the vehicle.

If you have furniture, artwork, or special items, this is the time you can plan how to move them. You can use this as a reference when getting an estimate from the moving company.

3. Get Moving Insurance

There’s nothing more unfortunate than losing or breaking items during transportation. Consider getting moving insurance when you’re planning a move. For valuable items, you can get them covered with moving insurance.

Insurance gives peace of mind when your property gets damaged. You can get repairs, replacement, or compensation for your losses.

4. Create a Budget

To not have problems following your moving timeline, prepare a moving budget. The checklist for moving will go to waste if you don’t have the money to fund the move.

Are you short on money? If you are, get extra cash by holding a garage sale.

Selling items help you cover some expenses like buying boxes or mover’s fee. Not only do you declutter your home but also earn cash for moving or getting boxes.

5. Schedule Your Move

After preparing your items, it’s time to set your schedule with the movers. Scheduling your moving day helps you avoid inconveniences like traffic.

Weekends are the best time to schedule a moving timeline. It’s also the time when many people spend their day off outside. You can avoid the holidays or special seasons by picking the schedule of your move.

Avoiding the hassle is not the only use of scheduling your move. It’s where you can sign the papers for liability coverage and procedures.

Put Together Your Checklist for Moving Today

Moving to a new place is exciting because you’re now settling into a new home. It means the start of your new life and a better future. Make sure it follows your moving timeline by having a checklist for moving today!

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