One of the greatest mysteries in life has been solved.

What mystery is that, you ask? Well, it’s the reason a lot of men take so long on the toilet, which is “to get some alone time.”

Now, if you’ve never understood that reason, perhaps you don’t have a bathroom that feels like a sanctuary. In which case, you need to consider a makeover. Speaking of upgrades, here are some ideas guaranteed to turn your ho-hum lavatory into a beautiful bathroom.

1. Bring the Outdoors In

There are many ways your bathroom can connect to the outdoors. An inexpensive idea would be to install a rain showerhead.

However, if you’re looking for the ultimate shower dream, consider a glass door or frameless door that opens to your outdoor space. If this is impossible, you can experiment with new window treatments. The goal is to let more light in, but if your bathroom’s location makes this challenging to achieve, you can always bring in more plants and artwork to decorate your washroom.

2. Stay Glassy

Many modern bathroom designs incorporate glass. From glass mirrors to glass walls, glass backsplashes, and more, you can’t go wrong with glass features.

If you’re going for an artsy feel, try colorful glass tiles. You can also level up your bathroom mirrors by using glass frames. Other ways to use glass in bathrooms include a glass shower enclosure and glass shelves.

You can also check out the official site of The Glass Guru for more ideas.

3. Install a Pedestal Sink

So you’re considering a glass wall but aren’t sure if you need to upgrade your sink as well.

A porcelain pedestal sink will do the trick if you don’t want a drastic option. Not only is it space-saving, but it also works well with any bathroom style. You also don’t have to settle for a square basin since you can choose from the many types and materials available.

4. Consider a Floating Vanity

If your bathroom feels cramped, the solution isn’t to knock down your shower door.

There are ways to open up your bathroom space, for example, installing a floating vanity. You can fit your floating vanity with drawers and double sinks if you have room to spare.

5. Other Beautiful Bathroom Ideas

Did you know you can install a sound system in your bathroom? Create a spa-like experience by investing in a high-tech sound system or stashing a portable smart speaker on your bathroom shelf.

For a glamorous addition, try adding a chandelier or any fixture that can be the focal point of your bathroom. If you have an older toilet, you might want to install a vent fan and heated towel bars.

Take All the Selfies You Want

With a beautiful bathroom, you won’t feel weird about taking selfies. Flex your gorgeous washroom to everyone if you like.

It’s also not going to be strange anymore if you, your partner, and your kids stay in the bathroom longer than usual. You’ve upgraded it to an oasis, so enjoy it as much as you want.

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