The sight of a camera snaking its way through your home’s plumbing would typically signal a cause for alarm. However, when it comes to assessing the health of your sewer line, a sewer video inspection can be the first line of defense in identifying and resolving potential problems. Ignoring your sewer line health leads to a host of issues, from foul odors to contaminated water and even property damage. By catching these issues early, you can save yourself time, money, and headaches in the long run.

Tree Root Intrusions

One of the leading causes of sewer line issues is the invasion of tree roots. These roots are insidious in their entry into pipes, often exploiting small cracks and crevices, then growing and expanding to block waste flow, causing backups. A sewer inspection can pinpoint the exact location and extent of root intrusion, guiding targeted solutions to clear the line and prevent future growth.

Pipe Corrosion and Breaks

Over time, sewer lines made of older materials are prone to corrosion and eventual degradation. Even without a full break, corrosion can lead to leaks that may seem minor but can cause major issues, including structural damage to your property and the potential for illness from contaminated water. Inspections highlight these weak areas, allowing for planned repairs or replacements.

Blockages and Build-up

Blockages from debris and sediment or build-up of grease and foreign objects are frequent issues. When left unchecked, they can lead to slow drainage or complete blockages, indicating the need for a thorough cleaning and, in some cases, a lifestyle change in what is flushed or washed down the drains.

Bellied or Sagging Pipes

Poor initial installation or soil conditions can cause portions of the pipe to sag, known as ‘bellies.’ These low points collect waste and water, increasing the likelihood of blockages or water damage in the surrounding area. A sewer video inspection can detect these areas, necessitating support to restore the proper slope for drainage.

Misaligned or Damaged Joints

Sewer lines are not immune to movement and shifting as the surrounding soil experiences changes. This can lead to misaligned or damaged pipe joints, contributing to leaks and breaks over time. An early identification of this issue with a video inspection allows for the repair of these specific areas without a full system replacement.

In conclusion, regular sewer video inspections not only help in early detection of common problems but also offer various other benefits for homeowners. It is a wise investment in the long-term health and functionality of your sewer system, ensuring a clean and safe environment for you and your family. So don’t wait until it’s too late – schedule a sewer video inspection today!

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