The COVID-19 pandemic tremendously affected the business cycle with working from home becoming a more comfortable style to get things done. While some battled employment, others got around to starting their businesses.

As small businesses got the fuel of effective marketing and social media, it saw a new success for the self-employed business owner.

Maximum people shifted online to earn money and landed up on 4stepincome.com. An online marketing tool that helps people promote their business, is it as effective? Let’s find out.

What is 4stepincome.com?

Primarily used in the United States, it is an online site that allows users to try automated marketing tools tied with a revenue stream. The site promotes itself through another website called multipleincomefunnel.com. It allows users to make a lot of money through stipulated tasks in the US. The site is also accessible to people outside the United States.

Some of the marketing tools provided by the website include professional web pages, automated email replies, and some other promotional tactics. One of the ways you earn is via referrals. As per the site, one can earn up to $5200 per referral! There are four other income streams that you can apply to a business site on a commission basis.

How does 4stepincome.com work?

4stepincome.com has ambiguity in its functionality. The working of this site is one of the mysteries that surround this website as it is not clear what exactly the website is selling to its customers.

The four streams are created to let users earn certain money every month, an attractive concept, especially for those who lost out on their income source in the pandemic.

Users have to undertake these four steps to earn via the site:

  1. Watch the videos and join a Facebook group that acts as a multiple income funnel.
  2. Select the desirable source of income.
  3. Set up an e-wallet and select a time frame to get full payments.
  4. Proceed to the tour of the back office.

What are the four income streams offered by 4stepincome.com?

  1. The first stream is through income funnels that pay a recurring payment each month.
  2. Easy one up: Through this, users learn how to use the site services with the help of developers. The users are taught everything about setting up an online business. It involves online marketing practices.
  3. TextBot: This involves an AI chatbot that functions like a human-like messaging system. Users can supposedly get up to $100 payments immediately. The automated text messaging service is aimed at getting more audience to your business.
  4. Traffic Authority: This income stream allows users to purchase traffic for network marketing and MLM. You can increase the traffic ratio on your online business website.

What does instant access on the site mean?

When you open the 4stepincome.com site, it immediately redirects to multipleincomefunnel.com. The homepage features a video with ‘instant access’ to income generation. The video showcases a story about making money without investing money. You are then redirected to another window of an income generator website.

  • You are given a location-specific code.
  • You have to invite about 17 people to join the website.
  • There is a five-minute timer for your income.

You earn through the referrals when people use your code to join this website.

Is 4stepicome.com legit?

The chance of winning easy money on a few clicks, without having to put any money is exciting but does it sound convincing? Yes, several such sites generate a few dollars as your income, but we are not sure 4stepincome rightly fits in among them. Such sites that claim hefty rewards without any money are certainly fishy and would only make you waste your time, in the lure of a few dollars.

The 4stepincome.com website is completely ambiguous and the site design is also not detailed to inspect. There is no background information about what the site exactly does or whose product is it. The immediate redirection to another website is in itself suspicious. So it is not a legitimate website.


The internet and online media can be effectively used to earn money but it requires detailed research on how to use the medium. Some websites have legit tasks and require you to take the effort of promotion to earn something in return. No one gives you easy money, definitely not on the internet.

4stepincome has a vague concept that does not even clarify how exactly does one earn money through income streams. As much as the layout of the website is simple, its workings are complicated.

The site has no reviews of any users who have tried to make money from it, so there is no substantial proof of its function. It is highly suspicious and does not have an ounce of authenticity.

People do seem to promote the website but there is not a legitimate review of earning money through it. It is more likely developed as a scam, where the backend workings are helping the developers make money, but the actual users are rarely benefiting from it.

A final word of advice would be to stay away from the site in hope of earning credible money. Do not believe any promotional link claiming to earn via referrals. The marketing does fall flat because it is missing the point of what it is marketing for your business.

Consider doing your research on 4stepincome reviews and see if you find a source that mentions the amount earned through it. We have found it null, so there is no legitimacy to this website.

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